Republic of Calvard

Regional introduction

A democratic system was achieved about a hundred years ago, and it is located in the Empire and the Republic east of Crossbell. The country has a vast territory and accepts immigrants from the East, with diverse cultural backgrounds. There have been several conflicts in history with the Erebonian Empire over the territory of Crossbell, and recently it has even developed into an economic war and a technological war.

Regional original painting

3D model

More information

A huge country in the middle of the continent of Semeria. The current president, Lloyd Granhart, is the 23rd president. The previous president was Samuel Locksmith.

In the past, people who had been displaced by the desolation of the eastern part of the mainland were transferred to live there. Therefore, the Republic is inclusive of diverse races.

A hundred years ago, the monarchy was originally implemented, but later a democratization revolution was launched under the leadership of the revolutionary army such as Sheena Dirk.

In 1208, it competed with the Erebonian Empire, which is also a huge country, for the supremacy of the continent. However, after the Battle of the Dragon of the Earth, the republic received indemnities from the empire, which enabled the Republic to make great progress in all aspects. powerful country.

Dolphin cars and video technology also originated from this country, and cultures such as motorsports and dodo movies are quite prosperous.

Works using this place as the stage