Alfin Lesser Yanor

Empress of Ereponia


Role experience

The proud Empress of the Erebonian Empire with extremely high popularity among the people of the Empire

The Empress of the Erebonian Empire born to Jugent III and Princess Priscilla. Together with his twin brother Cedric, he is called "the treasure of the empire". Studied at St. Astre Women’s College. The relationship with Elysée is relatives and friends.

During the Civil War, he took Carrejas as a backing to provide legitimacy for the activities of Li En and others. After the Civil War, his brother Olivier was involved in terrorist activities, and his father Jugent III was shot dead. Although she has experienced many such tragedies, she still managed to overcome them and grew a lot.

Seven Glory Calendar



Birth of father Jugent and mother Priscilla

1204 July

Meet with Li En and others who came to the Imperial Capital for a special internship

Kidnapped by Kidion in Crystal Garden and Elysée, but rescued by Lien and others

1204 October

Participate in the academy festival of Thorz Sergeant Academy

After the civil war broke out, fled the imperial capital with Tovar and Elysée and was trapped in Yumir

1204 Nov

Kidnapped by Altina with Elysée

1204 Dec

Reunited with Li En when he was under house arrest in Patanguai. And escape safely with Li En

Took over Carrejas from Olivier and became the backing for the seventh squad


1206 May

Visiting Clos Bell with Olivier

Attended the banquet on the Orchid Tower, and reunited with Li En and Miaojie

1206 July

Dancing with Li En at the celebration at Valflem Palace

Because of the "Black Star Cup", magic soldiers and phantom beasts appeared in the entire imperial capital. Take refuge in the barrier opened by Clotide at the Women's College

Witnessed the explosion scene of Carrejas that appeared above the "Black Star Cup"

1206 August

Connected with Li En's heart in "ARCUSII" and successfully recovered his heart

Was under house arrest at Dorynor fortress, rescued by Lien and others

When the second branch school was liberated, reunited with the arrested Elysée

Attended the meeting in Patanguai and reunited with Olivier, who is believed to be dead

Served as a crew member of Carrejas II

Participated in the Zhuang Guild held by MWL

Interpersonal relationship

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