basic information
Original name of work
Dongyao ザナドゥ
Translation of works
The Lost City of Tokyo | The Lost City of Tokyo XANADU | Tokyo Fantasy City | Tokyo Xanadu
Selling platform
PSV | PS4 | PC
Release time
September 30, 2015 (PSV) | September 8, 2016 (PS4) | December 8, 2017 (PC)
Official Chinese
Support (PS4 | PSV)
Falcom Sound Team jdk (Hayato Sonoda, Ishibashito, Takahide Murayama), Shinto Yuto University
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Original introduction

      "Tokyo Lost City" (also "Tokyo XANADU"; formerly known as "東亰ザナドゥ") is a mythical ARPG based on modern cities launched by Falcom, Japan


       The story originated from the overhead world view of the 2005 Tokyo earthquake. One day in 2015, Shisaka, a 17-year-old ordinary high school student living in Tonomiya City, outside Tokyo, encountered that "incident" in the old city street on his way home after working late at night, and the story has been opened since then. ——
Version changes
The original version.
The PS4 version is upgraded to eX+, and various side stories and mazes are added, and the plot will be discussed later. The picture quality has been strengthened, and it supports up to 60FPS operation.
The PC version is issued by Aksys Games. It is based on the PS4 version and only has an English/Japanese version.