The Lost City of Tokyo-Archive

Tokyo Lost City Archive

Alternate address for overseas users:Mega SkyDrive

Note: This archive is made using the Steam version of "Tokyo Xanadu eX+" released by Aksys Game. There is currently no nightmare difficulty archive, only normal difficulty, infinite mode full collection archive

Archive location:

  • C:\Users\sername\Documents\My Games\Aksys Games\Tokyo Xanadu eX+
  • C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games\Aksys Games\Tokyo Xanadu eX+

How to use:

The folder of the compressed package contains a total of 10 files, corresponding to 5 archives. When using, savexxx.dat and the corresponding thumbxxx.bmp should be placed in the folder of the above archive location. xxx is the archive serial number such as 090, 091, etc.

  • 016: Calamity difficulty selects the same as the tourist objects to save, you can get the Calamity difficulty clearance achievement
  • 090: Talk about the final maze archive after the infinite mode. After reading the archive, according toRaidersYou can obtain the treasure achievement by obtaining the treasure chest in the last maze of information. You can also grab the number of moves (such as X-Drive) related achievements in this maze. (The acquisition conditions have been met, just trigger the corresponding move again)
  • 091: Infinite mode, talk about the final boss, save before the final boss, you can brush the battle notes, infinite mode achievements
  • 092: Infinite mode, choose to archive with visitors in the future, you can brush the infinite mode achievements
  • 402: Infinite Mode After Talking Full Collection Clearance Archive, you can use this archive to inherit, carry on the next week, if you inherit all the content, all collection achievements can be obtained, and combat achievements can be obtained by using the corresponding skills once
  • 403: Calamity will talk about the full collection and clearance archives in the future. You can use this archive to inherit and proceed to the next week. It contains all anomaly immunity accessories.
  • 426: Unlimited mode main story clearance archive, you can use this archive to turn on the unlimited mode and talk about it later
  • 427: Calamity main story clearance archive, you can use this archive to open Calamity for future talks