Trajectory of Creation-Archive

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Archive download

Baidu Netdisk Extraction code: oz74

Alternate address for overseas users:Mega SkyDrive

Archive location

Clouded Leopard version of "The Trail of Creation":

  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Falcom\Hajimari_no_Kiseki
  • C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\Falcom\Hajimari_no_Kiseki

NISA (North American version) "Tracks of Creation" (not yet released):

  • C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Falcom\ed8_psv5
  • C:\Users\Username\Saved Games\Falcom\ed8_psv5

How to use

There are 10 files in the compressed package except readme.txt, corresponding to 5 archives respectively. When using, savexxx.dat and the corresponding thumbxxx.bmp should be put into the folder of the above archive location, xxx is the archive serial number such as 070, 088 Etc. You can also copy all of them directly

  • 100 is the last treasure chest archive, you can get the last treasure chest
  • 101 is the final pre-war archive, you can get achievements-to find out the truth
  • 103 is the final plot of the real world, you can get the general clearance achievement (can be inherited)
  • 106 is the final archive of the final corridor, you can get the battle note achievement, and various battle achievements (including the 1500 victory achievement), and you can go to the black fantasy dream to establish an inheritance archive
  • 131 is the final plot of the real world on Nightmare difficulty, and you can get the nightmare clearance achievement (can be inherited)
  • 286 is the full collection of the DLC Fantasy Clearance archive, including all EX battle notes (except the student notes of the projection of the City of Lien Line Mirror in Chapter 4), and all new plot content. No exclusive accessories have been collected. Did not do team limited small plot combat missions.

Trajectory of Creation PS Archive

Archive download

Baidu Netdisk Extraction code: oz74

Decompression password: altina

Note: This archive is a track clearance archive created by PS4/5, without any DLC, the Hong Kong version of the Japanese version of the game can be used.


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