Regional introduction

Located in the Shirin Desert, southeast of Kalwad, on the shore of Lake Oasis. It is an amusement city that combines tradition and innovation. Among them, the traditional areas have a strong Middle Eastern style, and camels can be seen everywhere as a local symbolic means of transportation. The headquarters of Vegas Pictures is also located here, and it is also the venue for the Salbard Film Festival.

Regional original painting

3D model

Original paintings of various regions of Sarbad

In-game introduction

Scenic city in the southeastern part of the Republic of Calvad, facing an oasis lake in the desert. It is also a famous resort.

In the new city street in the city, you can see the coexistence of high-rise buildings and tourist attractions. The headquarters of the film company "Vegas Pictures" and the resort hotel "Al Jumeirah" are located here.

In addition, there are also traditional areas that retain the streetscape of the pre-urban development. The bustling scene of the market is also one of the famous tourist attractions.