Regional introduction

The capital of the Republic of Calvad is also the largest city on the continent, with a population of 800,000. In the city, there is the Presidential Palace built 90 years ago, the Revolution Square facing the Republic Congress, the famous high school with many elite alumni, the area with many publishing houses and Doli film studios, the old city street that cannot keep up with the pace of development, and facing the There are also white lilac street trees on the street in the commercial area by the river. As it is the leading power car country on the mainland, not only the street car models are quite diverse, but also the first to introduce traffic signs than other countries. At the same time, it is also the first city on the mainland to replace streetcars with "subway" to connect major areas in the city.

Regional original painting

3D model

Original paintings of various regions of Edis

In-game introduction

The capital of the Republic of Calvad, it is also a huge city with the largest population in the continent. There are also famous attractions unique to the Republic, such as the Trion Tower and the Gran Raceway.

In addition, there is the "dark side" of the republic such as the "Black Mount Street" in the 13th district that does not exist on the surface. As the capital of the largest dyno country in the mainland, you can see all kinds of cars on the streets, and the setting of traffic signs and the rectification of the traffic network are also quite developed.

In addition, it is also the first city in the mainland to use the "subway".

Introduction to the Edith area

Trion Shopping Center

A huge shopping mall in front of Trion Tower, the third district of the capital. In addition to the "Urnu Store", which sells Urnu's latest Doli products, the "Quincy Ice Cream Room" where you can enjoy the taste of high-end desserts, and the "Doli Cinema" where many works are shown, there are also There are "Liber Souvenirs Museum" that sells products of the Liber Kingdom.

Central Market

The most lively mass market in Edith. From daily groceries to fresh food, it is not only the capital kitchen in the eyes of the locals, but also many tourists come here, so there are always people coming and going here.
Some distance from the main street, there is a roasting shop opened by a boss who is very particular about coffee beans. It is said that the coffee in Montmartre uses the beans of this shop.