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Heroes 伝説黎の track
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Legend of Heroes
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PS4 | PS5 | PC | NS
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September 30, 2021 (PS4 Japanese) | February 10, 2022 (PS4 Chinese and Korean) | July 28, 2022 (PC/PS5 Asian version) | February 15, 2024 (NS Japanese) | 2024 March (NS Chinese)
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PS4 | PS5 | PC | NS
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Original introduction

    "The Legend of Heroes: The Trail of Li"Is from JapanFalcomThe role-playing game produced by the company will be released in 2021. The game will be developed with a new engine.
      A new chapter in the trajectory series kicks off-the kingly RPG plot has since unfolded.
      The protagonist is a 24-year-old young man who is engaged in a career on the fringe of law. Depending on the actions taken by the player, the forces supporting the protagonist may be police, guerrillas, or even gangs...

      This game seamlessly integrates the classic "AT battle" system and action elements of the track series. Even players who are in contact with the series for the first time can enjoy a new and interesting experience intertwined with the meticulous story and the game system. It is a letting series. Fans can also experience the evolution of the work and a sense of anticipation that has never been experienced before.


      "Underground House of Everything" ─ This is a kind of "underground occupation" born in the melting pot of diversity in the Republic of Kalvard. Sometimes a detective, sometimes a negotiator, and sometimes a bonus hunter. No matter who commissioned it, they will not refuse to come. It arranges commissions that the police cannot handle, helps solve the intractable diseases that the citizens "cannot be made public", and even accepts "serious" commissions from criminals and underground forces. That is what they call the "underground house of everything".

      One day in July 1208, a girl in school uniform knocked on the door of a dilapidated apartment in the old city street of the capital of the Republic, which opened the prelude to the second half of the trajectory series...