Based on the Orient Street in Lamport in the southern part of the Republic, it is the largest gangland in the continent composed of only Orientals.

In addition to being a huge force that controls the underground social order of the Republic, there are also signboards such as "Kowloon Bank" and "Black Moon Trading Company" on the table, which are quite influential.

The core of the organization is controlled by the "Elders" composed of families with powerful powers on and off the table. However, each family has its own ghosts, and there are always noises inside. There used to be a "major" who dominated the entire Black Moon, and later prepared for it. Threatened, Black Moon manages to strip him of his powers and imprison him. In the end, the Maharaja ended his life as a human being.

·In the track of Li:

The Lu family elder Keane suspected that Aaron was the reincarnation of the monarch, the contemporary monarch, so he came up with a plan to deal with it. He tried to put Aaron on the throne in order to rectify the current Black Moon, but was stopped by Fang Lu, Fan En and others.

·In Lei's Path II:

Lei's family was sanctioned for helping Amata, rebels appeared in both Lu's and Lei's families, and Black Moon's internal struggle was fierce. After that, under the strategy of Keen and Cao, the internal struggle subsided. Li Cao and Gao Lang (Li Fei) re-establish the Li family.

List of known members

Lu family

Lei Family (sanctioned for helping Amata)