Cao Lee

President of Black Moon Trading Company

"Hey, the condition of Krossberg is really incredible."


A cadre of the criminal organization "Black Moon" in the Republic of Kalvard.

On the surface, he is the branch president of the private enterprise "Black Moon Trading Company", but he is actually an oriental martial arts master who is good at fighting with his flexible body. He is known by the alias of "Bailanlong".

It seems that the interests of the organization are the priority consideration, but behind the scenes it also provides information to the police, and at the same time negotiates with opposing organizations, and acts cautiously. He can be said to be the foremost shrewd figure of "Black Moon" and is highly regarded by the top.

With the death of the iron-blooded Prime Minister Gilas Osborne and the resignation of President Rocksmith, seeing the balance of power between the great powers is about to change drastically, he seems to be observing the next step of "Black Moon"...

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