Tita Russell

Tolz Second Campus Ⅸ Class Manager Division


The granddaughter of Albert Russell, one of Dr. Epstein's three disciples. She inherited the talent of the Russell family and was very interested in guiding force, and developed the guiding force armor with her family. In the event of Libel’s cessation of guidance, Dr. Russell met Agath to rescue his grandfather, and gradually developed feelings beyond friendship.

In "Tracks of the Lights 3" (Qiyao Calendar 1206), despite the opposition of his mother, Dr. Erica, he joined the second branch of the Torz Sergeant Academy, studied under Dr. Schmidt, and worked with everyone to fight against the imperial Mutation.

Role experience

The granddaughter of the genius mentor Dr. Russell. One of the heroes who solved the Liberal Mutation 4 years ago. After learning that the empire had changed, he came to Thors Second Campus as an "exchange student".

At the second branch campus, efforts are being made to complete the bipedal walking-type enhanced outer armor "Power Armor III", which has been developed for a long time. After the battle of the Imperial City, his whereabouts are unknown, and he rendezvous with Rean and the others at the small fortress. Use your skills and knowledge as a mechanic to support the battle that ends Twilight.


Born as the daughter of the Russell family.


Under the influence of my family, I became interested in guiding technology and learned various knowledge.


Get acquainted with Estelle, Joshua, Agat and others.

Work with Estelle and others to solve the kingdom coup.

Meet Ryan for the first time and become friends.


Work together with Estelle and others to resolve the Liberia mutation.

After the battle in the Land of Shadows, the relationship with Ryan deepened.


Despite the objections of his family, he decided to study abroad at the Second Campus of Thors.

Make an appointment with Ryan.


Studied at Torz II in April. Belonging to "Accounting Division Nine Classes".

Meet again at the Empire and Agat. Visit Hamel Village.

Unaccounted for during the Black Star Cup battle in July.

In August, he was rescued by Rean and others in the small fortress.

Fight side by side with Rean and others in September to prevent the arrival of dusk.

Interpersonal relationship