Sarah Barrestan

A-class guerrilla of the Imperial Branch of the Guerrillas Association, former member of the "Northern Jager" regiment

"It's okay for me to help push a few as a "handsome sister"."


Role experience

After losing his parents in the deserted Northumbria due to the Salt Pile, he was adopted by Colonel Barrestan, causing Sarah to admire him and join the Northern Chasers. Grow into a hunter called "Purple Electric".

However, during the mission on the border of the Empire, the colonel died due to the attack of Nidhogg by the charioteer regiment. After losing her family and the place to live again, she left her hometown and started to have sex as a guerrilla. After that, he was promoted to the youngest A-rank guerrilla in history, and the activities of the Imperial Guerrilla Association stopped during the consecutive attacks of the Imperial Guerrilla Association. After that, he became Thors's instructor due to the introduction of the hunter era.

After that, he supported Rean and the others as instructors, returned to the Guerrilla Association after the end of the civil war, and helped the old and new Class 7 with excellent skills.

Seven Glory Calendar



born in northumbria

Parents died, adopted by Colonel Barrestan


Due to his admiration for his adoptive father, he joined the Young Chasers of the Northern Chasers


Approved to join the corps of the Northern Chaser, later known as Zidian due to his active performance


Served as Squadron Commander in the Northern Chasseurs

While on a mission on the border of the Empire, he was attacked by the chasing regiment Nidhogg, resulting in the death of Colonel Barrestan. He was also seriously injured and was rescued by his companions.

Retired from the charioteer, left the hometown, and started to act as a guerrilla


Upgrade to A-Class Guerrilla

Confronting Sharon, who was an assassin in the series of attacks on the Imperial Guerrilla Association

Discovered by Van Dyke as an instructor for Class 7

April 1204



Became the instructor of Class 7 where Rean and the others belong.

After the civil war between the nobles and the reformists broke out, lurked to gather intelligence

After receiving contact from Usis, he went to Baliahat, helped the desperate 7th class and joined them.

March 1205

After the Civil War, he resigned from the Military Academy and returned to the Guerrilla Association, where he helped the new guerrilla Shifei while investigating the inside story of the Empire.

June 1206



Helped Rean and the others who were attacked by Nidhogg in the rocky atrium, and joined them

After the battle of the Black Star Cup, lurking in the mist, assist the old and new Class 7 after this

Against Jushuo Twilight with Rean and the others


Sections of Partisan Associations across the Empire resume their activities

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