Philip Reinard

Butler of the Duke of Dunant


An elderly man who served as the butler of the Duke of Dunant. He is a swordsman with the nickname "Sword Fox". Even though he is old and physically weak, his sharp swordsmanship has not weakened. When Libel changed, he fought at the same time with the four enforcers who invaded Gransell City. Served as the guard captain of the Liber Kingdom Army. Because of his stern character, he is also called the captain of the evil spirit.


In "SC", when the executors of the association attacked the king's city, they used their own strength to resist the attacks of the "executors". Although outnumbered, they also bought time for the protagonist and his party. After Duke Dunant's change of heart, he was deeply gratified.


In "3rd", as the first guardian role, although only a phantom, but the strength is extraordinary.

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