Regional introduction

A kingdom with a long history, located in the southwest of the Semuria continent. Although the monarchy is in place, the aristocracy has been abolished, and it enjoys peace and glory under the current monarch Queen Alicia. The home country of Dr. Russell, one of Dr. Epstein's disciples, has not only developed into a technologically advanced country due to the large number of watch craftsmen, but also led the world in enabling guided flying ships. More than ten years ago, the "Hundred Days Campaign" broke out with the empire. Although most of the country was invaded, the counter-offensive operation using military airships was effective and eventually led to a situation of peace. A few years ago, due to the conspiracy of the association "Snake Eater", the ancient floating city appeared, and the mutation of the guide force stopped, but with the cooperation of the Royal Army, the guerrillas, and someone in the Empire, it was successfully resolved. After that, I do my best for peace and stability in West Semria, where the situation is becoming tense with Crossbell at the center...

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