Neil Banz

Libel Correspondent


A very talented journalist affiliated with Liber News Agency. His partner is Dolossi, and he is often turned around by the latter's natural playfulness.

Qiyao calendar was born on November 25, 1172. "FC" was 29 years old. Male reporter of Liber News Agency with scumbag.

Although he is an old smoker, he is also a very capable reporter. In order to get special news themes, he often ran around Liber Kingdom. It was also harder because he worked with the naturally staying Dorosy.

"FC" was an investigative intelligence department, and was placed under house arrest in Abel's palace, and was finally rescued with Princess Crotia.

"SC" participated in Esther and others in solving Libel's mutation, and also won the Fritz Prize for his outstanding reporting in a series of events.

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