Miaojie Eaglet

Member of Class Ⅶ of Tolz Second Campus, acting lord of the Duke of Kane’s house

"From the first to the last-as long as the instructor wants, I can show it to you?"


Role experience

Her father, Alfred, was the eldest son of the Kane family and was born to the mother who married the Egrid family.

Since childhood, I have shown some of the abilities in my body. I learned chess strategies from my father through board games, such as chess and Go, and learned the thoughtful qualities from playing various games with my mother. And etiquette.

Farewell to his parents, and when he was studying at Astraya Girls' Academy, he foreseen the civil war caused by Koroval, and his ability as a "chess player" began to appear. While foreseeing the ending of the civil war, in order to fight the "Dragon of the Earth" which was later launched by the imperial government, "A Thousand Suns" was formed.


Born in Ordis, west of Lamar.


Both parents died in an accident.

Sent to St. Astellia's Women's College by his uncle Koroval de Kane.


Because of the civil war caused by Koroval, he dropped out of the women's college.

Contact Alleria after the civil war. Able to meet the imperial government's proposal in "Battle of the North".


Enrolled in the second branch of the Torz Military Academy in April. Belongs to "Master Accounting Division · Class 9".

In the special exercise at Shasarante, he showed his strength as a "chess player".

In June, it was incorporated into the "Secret Service Division · Class 7".

In the "Imperial Leadership Conference", he was appointed as the next Kane.

After witnessing the beginning of part of the "Black Star Cup" in July, he joined forces with Woodsland.

In August, she responded to Yuna's persuasion and joined the 7th squad as the leader of the decision-making army.

Rescued Li En in "Black Workshop" with his companions. Reveal the battle name of Juqijun "Thousand Suns".

Jueqijun’s flagship Tampa Guai talks revealed the entire contents of "Thousand Suns". Later, he was attacked by "The Snake of the Body" and planned to commit suicide.

Being a member of "Wings of Light" and opposing Xiangke

In September, he made contributions to hit "Black Ixu McGonagall".

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