The mayor of Perth took over as mayor after the death of his father who was a former mayor. Born into a merchant family, Perth’s bars, supermarkets and high-end restaurant "Antross" belonged to the Maybell family. Mayor Maybell governed Perth’s commercial metropolis with his unique management skills at a very young age. She is a very smart and capable young female mayor.


"FC" entrusted Esther and others to investigate because the scheduled ship was hijacked by air thief.


In the "SC" ancient dragon attack, he learned that Agat had lost his sister in the Hundred Days Battle, and accused the Kingdom Army and his father, who was the former mayor, to slap Agat.


"3rd" found that the maid Lila was unusual, so it entrusted the guerrilla Yanilas to assist in the investigation, and finally had an oomph. Because he was busy with municipal administration, he turned down many mediators.

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