Maximilian Sid

Colonel Liber Kingdom Army


It is the seat of the headquarters of the Kingdom of Libya, the guard captain of the Reston Fortress. Served as a major in the fc era, and later promoted to a lieutenant colonel. Although he looks like a civilian who is harmless to humans and animals, he is actually a very capable talent with both civil and military skills.


One of Cassius' disciples, with extraordinary skill. It is believed that the combat ability can be comparable to that of Colonel Richard, and he is good at the interactive use of command magic and sword skills. He has outstanding talents in building defensive lines and has an excellent ability to predict the development of war. During the FC period, as a married man, he had to succumb to Richard's rebels when his family was controlled. There seems to be an interest in raising cats.




"FC" is a major, aware of the precursor of the coup of the Liber Intelligence Department, and privately let go of Esther and others who came to rescue Dr. Russell.




"SC" was promoted to lieutenant colonel, in addition to continuing to be responsible for defensive work, also assisted Cassius. Joined forces with Richard to repel the executors in the assault on the capital.




"3rd" was promoted to a colonel due to the attack on the capital by the association. Responsible for the salvage of the ancient relics after the floating city collapsed over Lake Valyria, and then served as a representative to guide Father Kevin, who came to recover the Recruz ashlar. Also in the Shadow Kingdom incident, as one of the sixth-tier guards.




"Shan 4" sits in Libel to prevent the invasion of the empire.

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