Mattius Vandel

Sovereign van der Liu

"The sword is an intangible thing that resides in one's body and mind. If you grasp the shape of your own body, you can grasp the shape of the sword."


The current head of the Van der family, a martial arts master who has been guarding the royal family for generations, is also the master of Van der's swordsmanship.

Not only the father of Kurt and Mulla, but also a powerful swordsman in the empire under the name of "Thor" Matius.

His unnecessarily silent personality, coupled with always showing a serious expression, made him easy to be misunderstood by those around him. Anyone who knows his true personality is full of admiration for him.

A few days before the signing ceremony of Krossberg's re-independence, he contacted Claire Levittjozo of the railway gendarmerie and gave instructions to Van der Lieu's protégé. What is his intention in doing this...

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