Maria Bell Crois

Three Pillars of Association

- ""It's really good... the posture of your soul really attracts me?""


The third pillar apostle who formed the "Snake of the Body", an alchemist with the title of "Root".

He is a descendant of Currois, who is in charge of "The Treasure of Fantasy". He is the most outstanding figure in the family for his knowledge and talents about magic. As the agent of the president of IBC (Cross Bell International Bank), he has also given full play to his ability.

Kia, an artificial human made by her ancestors, completed the "Zero's Treasure", but because of Lloyd's activity, she had to give up the Treasure, and finally left Clos Bell.

Afterwards, Maria Bell, who became the apostle of the association under the invitation of the leader, took advantage of the opportunity of the empire disaster to start, once again came to Cross Bell...