Rector Yarlander

Erebonian Empire Intelligence Agency elite, son of iron and blood


Role experience

Rector is both a spy captain of the Imperial Intelligence Service and a member of "Iron Son". It is also known as "The Scarecrow" because he has never failed in negotiation and negotiation. Although erratic and elusive, he provided Sarah with information on the "Empire Liberation Front" and secretly assisted Group VII. Finally, as a member of "Iron Son", together with Claire, stop Group VII from moving forward.

Riktor has a keen intuition that is different from ordinary people. With this power, he can deal with various situations with ease. But it is precisely because of this power that even the ins and outs of the incident triggered by his father are felt.

Has a very good relationship with Claire and Miriam, and is often seen in action together, giving them advice.

With the [Noisy Flame] that blocks our orders, it is also very capable of fighting.


Born in the Arlandel family.

1192 April

After The Tragedy of Hamel, my father was executed.


He was persuaded by Osborn to become a member of the Intelligence Bureau.


①Studied at Liberal Royal Academy and met Corlotia.

②Although he served as the student council president, he voluntarily dropped out of school after that. After returning to China, he took office in the Imperial Intelligence Agency and became a member of "Iron Son".

1203 October

Visit the Kingdom of Liberty as Osborn's clerk.

1204 April

①Assist the "Special Support Section" to rescue Chia.

②Prepare for "Red Constellation" to enter Crossbell.

1204 June

Due to the terrorists' actions on the Nord Plateau, the Empire and the Republic were on the verge of breaking out. After Riktor arrived, he relied on his skillful negotiation to quell the situation.

1204 August

Rean and the others who were sent to the special internship, handed over the information on the "Empire Liberation Front" to Sarah, and then went to Crossbell.

1204 Dec

①Using the communication equipment of Karejas, the information that the "Big Tree of Blue" was destroyed was conveyed. After that, the task of liberating the Li Palace again was handed over to Group VII..

②Appeared on the top floor of "Magic City" with Claire.

1205 March

Order Rean to stop Lloyd and the others from fighting.

1206 April~June

①As the liaison for the special exercise, visit the Second Campus.

②A request was made to Rean [to investigate the purpose of the association in Sasarante and stop them].

1206 July

①Help Rean arrest the Republic agent who escaped into the underground tunnel southwest of the imperial capital.

② In the underpass, he revealed to Ash that it was his father who caused the "Hammel Tragedy".

③ In "Black Star Cup", as a member of "Iron Son", he fought with Rean and his party.

1206 August

①Fight with Yuna and her party in the wetland area of Crossbell.

② Attacked the meeting and operation in Patangua.

③ Exchanged the "Classmates' Reunion" agreement with Kolodia.

④I enjoyed the performance of "Rainbow Troupe" with Van Dyke.

1206 September

In "Mobile Fortress Fantasy", along with Claire, launched the final challenge to Rean.

Interpersonal relationship

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