Kurt Vandel

Member of Class Ⅶ of Torz Second Campus

"I will go and find your Highness──Sedlik back."


Role experience

Kurt was born in the Vander family, a famous martial artist. Although he wanted to fulfill the mission of protecting the royal family, he lost his goal after being dismissed by the government. Because the former escort object, Crown Prince Cedric, was absent, Kurt decided to enroll in the second branch without the Crown Prince.


① Born as the second son of the Vander family.

② Moved from the imperial capital to the textile town of Parum.


Moved from Parum to the Imperial Capital of the Vanderlei School Headquarters.


The Vander family was relieved of their duties as guardians of the royal family and lost their purpose.


In April, under the persuasion of his brother Mura, he entered the second branch of Thors Military Academy.

In July, he parted ways with Rean during the battle of "Black Star Cup".

Recaptured Rean during the battle of "Black Atelier" in August.

After the decisive battle with Cedric from August to September, the two built a further relationship.

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