Elysée Schwarzer

Student President of St. Astoria Women's College

"I am no longer the weak me who can only rely on my brother to protect me."


Role experience

The eldest daughter of Baron Teo Shuwarze, the lord of Yumir in the hot spring town. At the age of 12, she enrolled in St. Astria Women's College, met the Queen Alfin and built a relationship with her best friends.

During the Civil War, he was taken away by Altina and later rescued by Li En and others. Since the launch of "Twilight", he has been thinking of his missing brother. Through the telepathy between ARCUSⅡ and his brother, Li En successfully retrieved the lost "Shards of Heart".


Born as the eldest daughter of Shu Huaze's family.


Acknowledge with Li En as an adopted son.


Witnessed Li En walking violently in the snowy mountains.


Knowing that Li En is an adopted son.

Studied at St. Astoria Women’s College.


Lost in the old school building of the Torz Military Academy in July.

In the Crystal Courtyard, he was kidnapped by Kidion with Alfin and was rescued by Lien and others.

Participated in the Torz Military Academy Academy Festival in October.

In November, Lien, who was unaccounted for after being attacked by the Alliance of Nobles, was discovered in the Isingert Mountains.

When "The Hunter of the North" attacked Ymir, it was caught by Altina and taken away.

In December, he was rescued by Lien and others when Karel was under house arrest while leaving the palace.


In April, he served as the president of the student council in the senior year of St. Astoria Women’s College.

See you again with Miaojie at the evening banquet at the Orchid Tower in May.

In July, attended the charity event of the Women's College.

In the celebration at Balfram Palace, Alfin was declared a rival in love.

In August, he called for Li En, who was captured in the Black Star Cup, through ARCUS II, and successfully rescued him.

When the second branch was under house arrest, he was rescued by the old and new teams.

Served as an operator in Carrejas II.

Participate in the farewell party at MWL.

Interpersonal relationship

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