Doren Kapuya

President of "Kapuya Express" transportation company


The eldest brother of the Air Pirates group "Capua Three Brothers and Sisters". In the role of the leader of the air thief group. Good at using guided guns.


He used to be a small lord of the city of Rivers in the northern part of the Ereponia Empire. Although he was the heir of the Capua Baron’s family, because his parents died early, the three brothers and sisters who did not understand the world suffered financial fraud. Bankrupt and lost the title and territory of the nobility. Since then, he has lived the life of the Air Pirates.


In "FC", because of his consciousness being manipulated by Wiseman, his temperament and behavior became violent, but he was actually a cheerful uncle. In "FC", Libel's fixed-term ship "Linde" was taken away and caused a sensation in the kingdom. However, due to the active performance of Esther and others, the air pirates were finally arrested by the Royal Army. When the coup d’état happened, they took advantage of the civil strife in the Kingdom Army and fled cleverly.


In "SC", he was pardoned by the Queen for helping to solve Libel's military exploits. After that, the Capuya family switched to cargo transportation. At the end of the sky's trajectory, the Kapuya family received an amnesty from the Liber Kingdom and successfully established the international express company Kapuya Express.

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