Regional introduction

A small city on the western outskirts of the imperial capital was originally the territory of the house of the Baron Capuya, but was later lost due to the deception of Capuya's head. It is now the seat of Torz School II. In the spring of 1206, the newly established Torz II sub-correction system in the western suburbs of the imperial capital began to operate. In addition to the children of nobles and foreigners with complicated positions, some students with some reason, such as the Closbells, gather here, and the famous "Golden Raksha" Alleria, a famous guide who was active in the northern campaign, Mechanic G. Schmidt, and Lien Shuhuaze, who is famous as a young hero, teach here, and the extraordinary personnel arrangements are also very eye-catching. There are 6 classes from 1 to 6 groups in this school. In the second branch, there are three classes: Tactics (Group Ⅷ), Accounting (Group IX), and Special Affairs Division (Group Ⅶ) with a very small number of students.

Regional original painting

3D model