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Leader of the Liberation Front of the Empire_C, the initiator of Cangzhi


Role experience

Chloe, who was born in Julai City, died when his parents were young and was raised by his grandfather who served as mayor.

After his grandfather died, 13-year-old Cloe left Joule. After that, the Duke of Kane, who was living a hard life, was selected to face Clotde for the first time.

In 1201, he became the initiator of the riding god of Ordine. The organization named "The Liberation Front of the Empire" was used as the backing of the Duke of Kane to conduct activities, and then enrolled in Tolz.

After that, he completed his sniper on Osborne, and once ended his career in the war, using the power of the goblin to resurrect as the "undead". Used as a chess piece in "Xiang Ke", and finally awakened as the survivor.


① Born in Chu Lai City.

② Both parents died when they were young, and they were raised by the mayor's grandfather.


The empire merged with the city of Chu Lai, and his grandfather died.


Leaving the Chu Lai District (Old Chu Lai City State).


Meet Duke Kane, Gideon, Scarlet, Varucan


① The establishment of the "Imperial Liberation Front". The leader in the name of C.

②I was guided by Clotides, who kept in touch with Duke Kane, and became the initiator of the "Blue Knight".

1204 April

Participate in and support the activities of Li En, Class Ⅶ and others.

1204 July

① With the help of Li En's hand underground, the old schoolhouse rescued Elysée.

② As "C" in the underground waterway of the imperial capital, duel with Group VII.

1204 August

When the first grader did not have enough credits, he was put into class VII for 3 months in order to graduate.

1204 September

In the ザクセン mine, as "C" and VII duel. After that, he detonated the escape flying boat and disguised the illusion of death of all members of the "Imperial Liberation Front".

1204 October

Osborn in a sniper speech. And confirm that the true identity of "C" is Cloe. Manipulate "The Riding God of Cang" vs. Li En

1204 Dec

①Tampa Guai went to tell Li En his past.

②Challenge "Crimson End Demon" with Li En and died.


Resurrected by the goblin and acted as the long agent?

1206 May

Appeared in front of Li En and others as "Zigfly of the Blue".

1206 July

① Duel with Li En in "Dark Dragon's Residence".

②The mask was removed when "Jushuo Twilight" was launched, and the memory was restored.

1206 August

① Rescue Li En who runs away in "Black Workshop".

②The Yangling Caves on Brionia duel with Li En. After the defeat, Crowe, who had disappeared, prevented the family from becoming dependent through the connection of existence.

③Completing the mission of "Seven Phases of Conquer" Cloo, who should have disappeared, was resurrected through the power of two "Treasures".

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