Oliye Vandel

Fader Flow Dojo Teacher Training Agent

"──It's really rare for the taciturn guy in our family to be like this."


Mattius's successor is also the mother of Kurt from the Secret Service "Class VII". He also possesses the superb martial arts known as "The Frontier of the Wind", acting as the acting master in the Van der Flow Dojo in the empire.

When the disaster struck the empire, he wielded a naginata and went to the battlefield to fight off the magic fighters developed by "Black Atelier" with Sykes and Mulla of the Van der family, opening a way for the new and old "Class Ⅶ".

Usually gentle and virtuous, but there is a breath of heroism between the gestures. She was merciless in practice, making her even more daunting in the eyes of her protégé than the master Matius.

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