Jarian Lord

The seventh pillar of the former association, the initiator of silver

"Thank you, gentle witch—"


The seventh-pillar apostle of the association "The Snake of the Body", known for its high moral character and the strongest warrior.

In order to regain the "Project Phantom Flame" and enter the empire together with the "Iron Aircraft Team", we need to use the magic machine Aion to perform the "experiment" of association...

Her true identity is the salvation saint "Leanna." who was supposed to have died in the "Lion Battle" 250 years ago. Sandroth" is also the initiator of the "Silver Riding God" Argureon.

Although her long yearning wish, that is, the disaster "Jushuo Dusk" was successfully launched, at the same time the world is dying, what she misses and what purpose she has, everything is still a mystery.

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