Jarian Lord

The seventh pillar of the former association, the initiator of silver

"Thank you, gentle witch—"


Role experience

The legendary "Holy Maiden" who fought in "Battle of the Lions" 250 years ago.

She is the seventh pillar of "Apostle of the Serpent". She has one of the best strengths in the organization and is loved by many people because of her high moral character.

Her real identity is Liana Sandroth, the "Lady of the Guns" who appeared in the legend of "The Battle of the Lions" 250 years ago. At that time, she was already the initiator of "Silver Knight", so she could be resurrected as "undead" after she died in the battle with "Crimson Ending Demon".

In order to get a solution to "Black", Aryan Lord did not rely on his friend Rosalia. Her ambitions are so lofty.




At the age of 16, under the guidance of Rosalia, challenged the trial of the "Silver Knight" and became the initiator


"Battle of the Lions"


Encountered with Drakeles and decided to fight together


Removed the Silver Knight while fighting the Crimson Endgame, died


Wake up as "undead" and leave the empire on a journey


Appeared beside Dreykles in his later years and learned about the "Darkness" that eroded him


Discover the reincarnation of Dreykles. Join the leader


Rescued Dubali from the village on the mainland border


Raid the D∴G Order stronghold and defeat Ennaia


Sanction the corrupt power-holders and win the duel with Aenes

August 1204

Rescue the troubled Rean at Lohengreen City in Ragram


Appears in the wetlands of Lake Irum in Crossbell


Crossbell's Tower of Stars and the Battle of "Special Mission Support Class"

June 1206

Carry out the "Third Experiment" in the state of Lamar in the Empire, and compete with Alleria


Join the battle in the Black Star Cup


Battle with Rean and others in "Black Atelier"


"The Third Phase Gram" was attacked by Rufus and died

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