Regional introduction

It is located in the southwest of Ballarat, a lakeside town close to Lake Ebel. Governed by the house of Viscount Alside. There are regular water shipping with Shazarante, and there are many tourists who come here on vacation. At the same time, the Viscount, known as the "Swordsman of Light", opened a martial arts field here, and many martial artists came here. This lakeside town is often surrounded by fog, and not only has many fascinating fairy and monster legends spread. On the edge of the cliff on the other side of Lake Ebel, stands the city of Ron Green, which is said to have been the base of Sandrot, the saint of the gun, and has now been reduced to ruins. Legend has it that the spirit of the saint will appear on the night of the full moon.

Regional original painting

3D model

Original painting of Lohengrin City