Alicia von Osiris

The 26th Queen of the Kingdom of Liber


The 26th Queen of the Kingdom of Liber: Alicia II.


Due to the death of Prince Udith and his wife, they once again came forward to take the throne. As a wise monarch, he is loved and respected by the people. Propose to sign a non-war agreement with the Empire and the Republic. Afterwards, they also pardoned Colonel Richard who had done a good job in resisting the invasion of the royal capital. After the granddaughter Crotia decided to inherit the throne, she gradually became hermit behind the scenes.


The 26th generation queen of the Kingdom of Liber. He is widely known as the image of Mingjun with the people in mind. While carrying out their own pacifist spirit, they can also use superb diplomatic skills to confront other countries.

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