The Locus of Lei II

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Original name of work
The Trail of Heroes Ⅱ
Translation of works
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Lai II -Crimson Original Sin-
Selling platform
PS5/PS4 | PC
Release time
September 29, 2022 (PS5/PS4 Japanese) | October 27, 2022 (PS5/PS4 Chinese) | January 26, 2023 (Steam Chinese, Korean and Japanese)
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Support (PS5/PS4 | PC)
Falcom Sound Team jdk
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Original introduction

    "The Legend of Heroes: The Trail of Lei II"Is from JapanFalcomThe role-playing game produced by the company will be released in 2022.


Seven Yao calendar year 1209.
After the threat of the gangster "Amata" disappeared, the Republic of Calvad regained its former peace.
one day——
In the corner of the capital, Edith, there is a bizarre case in which the secret service of the Central Intelligence Agency of the CID was brutally murdered by an unknown person.
The Calvard police and the Guerrilla Association took action to deal with the aftermath.
And the forces of the underground society also smelled the imminent atmosphere of new turmoil and began to stir up trouble secretly.
At the same time, the "Underground Master's House" Vann Arclyde also started an investigation due to the visit of an unexpected person.
Who is the murderer who started the torture? What is its purpose?
What will happen to Aniès, who is trying to find the last relic of her great-grandfather, the "Eighth Creation"——?
With the roar of a dark red alien like a beast
An encounter with a boy and a girl who is looking for "something",
Lead their "trajectories" to inescapable cause and effect—