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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of the Stars
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August 31, 2016 (PC/in operation) | December 26, 2016 (PSV/discontinued) | February 22, 2017 (PS4/discontinued) | August 27, 2019 (iOS, Android/Operating) | August 27, 2019 (Nintendo Switch/Discontinued)
Release time (Mainland/Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)
October 9, 2018 (National Service iOS, Android/Discontinued) | November 13, 2018 (Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan iOS, Android/Discontinued)
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Original introduction

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails of DawnIs from JapanFalcomcompany supervision,Yujun AotingThe game produced by the agent, first launched in Japan in 2016, and released in 2018trail of starsIn order to release mobile games for the national server and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan servers. At present, in bilibili's national area, Changyou's Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and international server mobile games have been suspended, and only the Japanese server PC and mobile game terminals are still in operation. You can watch the full plot on the PC side of the Japanese server.


stage background:

Crossbell and Remiphilia in the 1204 year of the Seven Yao Calendar (Zero Bi handover) can be regarded as the Remiphilia chapter. The niece mentioned by Archduke Albert in Trails of Flash 4 may be the protagonist of this work. one.

Main plot content:
There have been many terrorist attacks and disappearances in Crossbell and the Principality of Remiphilia. The reason behind this is that someone called the Death Merchant/War Minister is trying to cause chaos in the Semeria continent.

Nahat Weiss, a former hunter, Chloe Barnett who received a heart transplant from the D∴G order, Ronald Griffin, a Crossbell investigator, and Liv, the daughter of Remiphilia The Crossbell test team composed of others, cooperated with the R&A Investigation Institute, the Guerrilla Association (Agat, Array, Arios) and other organizations to solve the incident between Crossbell and Remiphilia, and stop the war secretary. conspiracy.

The plot of Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan/International servers has been updated to the end of Chapter 6, which can be watched"The Trail of the Stars" Taiwan Server Plot Collection (End of Chapter 6)

Follow-up Chapter Seven - Final Chapter Plot, available to watch"Trail of Dawn" Japanese server plot (Chapter 7 + final chapter)

Japanese Chapter 7 - Final Chapter TextLink

Japanese event story textLink


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