Regional introduction

Hamel Village is a small village in the path of the sky. There are not many children, Joshua lives in Hamel Village with his sister and Sword Emperor Levi. Because Hamel Village is located on the border of the empire, in order to invade Libel, the Empire secretly hired a chasing group to attack Hamel Village, and then transferred the responsibility to Libel. As a result, the conspiracy of the empire was exposed and the aggression failed. Libel agreed to respond. Things in Hamel village are blocked. In the incident, Joshua’s sister was killed and Joshua’s mind was severely hit. Later, the professor (White-faced Wiseman) appeared and said that he could heal Joshua’s mind, so he took him away. As a result, Joshua was transformed into a ruthless murder weapon by the professor, called "Black Tooth", but he was easily defeated when he assassinated the sword sage Cassius (Dad Estir), but The Juggernaut didn't kill him, but instead helped him repel the people who came to kill him, and took him home to raise him. Then Joshua and Estir met.

Regional original painting

3D model