A huge technology manufacturer headquartered in Bazel, an engineering city southwest of Carvard.

It is often used to compare it with the Empire’s Ryanforte Group, but due to the characteristics of industry-academic cooperation, it is not high-profile.

Adopting a diversified and meticulous development method from an academic point of view, the company’s parent body is composed of the former Bazel Craftsman Association and the existing science universities. Compared with Libel’s Chase, he is good at mechanical clocks and the Empire’s Ryanfort Focusing on gunpowder cannons, Urnu has specialized in astronomical telescopes and construction, water conservancy technology, textile machinery and other fields since ancient times.

During the guiding force revolution about 50 years ago, Latoya Hamilton, one of the three leading disciples of Dr. Epstein, who invented the guiding device, introduced the guiding force technology to China and made this technology in the Republic of China. Continue to develop within.

In addition to successfully developing the guided vehicle for the first time in the history of the Semurian continent, Urnu, with Dr. Hamilton as a consultant, has also worked hard to research and develop guided photos and guided forces in order to record the scene seen by the astronomical telescope. Advanced technologies such as movies.

This has led to the birth of unique cultures in the Republic, such as the "Divance Film" that integrates image technology and popular culture.