The four famous families: the Kane family, the El Barrea family, the Logner family and the Haynes family are the four largest noble families in the Erebonian Empire. He had a great influence in the finance and politics of the Ereponia Empire. After the Civil War, the power gradually declined...

Specific introduction

Kane House (Lamar State)


Incumbent Duke:Koroval de Kane

The current duke:Mitina Eugeris de Kane (Miaojie Igrett)

The current Duke's agent: William Barrard

El Barrea House (Kruchin State)


Former Duke: Helmut El Barrea

The current duke:Juss Albarrea

Other characters:Rufas El Barrea

Rogner House (Nutia State)


Current Duke: Gerhardt Rogner

Heir to the Duke:Angelica Rogner

Related person: Haider Rogner

Haynes House (Sasarand)

Governance:Saint Tejac

The current duke:Fernan Haynes

Heir to the Duke:Patrick T. Haynes

Related people:Threstan