Association Executive No. Ⅰ


No. Ⅰ, the executor of the "Snake of the Body Eater", who can freely manipulate the flames, "The Jieyan Macbang". Its flame can burn everything, as literally said, known as the "strongest" in associations.

But the personality is casual, and it is very often not motivated, and sometimes gives up the task and leaves without authorization. However, once he sees the "strong man", he will suddenly become excited when he judges that he is enough to serve as his opponent, and transform into a "flame demon" that can manipulate the black flames that do not belong to this world. At the end of the Civil War, in front of Li En in the Magic City, he and Viscount Alside from the "Swordsman of Light" came to a single battle beyond the realm of mortals. Even after a year and a half, I still look forward to the opportunity to do my best...

Role experience

The executor who controls the "flame" and a demon from the outside world

Has the strongest executor who controls "flame". Although he has a fickle and unpredictable personality, he also has top-notch fighting power within the guild.

Entered the Empire during the Imperial Civil War by assisting in "Union of Nobles"

In the battle with the strong, he became the "Flame Demon" who controlled the black flames, wielding overwhelming power. In the final stages of Twilight of the Giant, he regained his memory of being the king of another world and disappeared in search of more clues.

If you are not interested, you will give up the mission, and your loyalty to the association is not high. But seriously, he is a dangerous person with overwhelming power.

In the final stages of Twilight, he finally reveals her true form. Wielding a power that could be considered a "god", he blocked the path of Rean and the others.

? ? ?

Born in another world


Become the king who rules the world

around 1156

Transfer to the continent of Semeria. After merging with humans, it became what it is now


Encounter with the ally of "Snake of the Body"

Become the executor of "Snake Eater"

Compete with Aryan Lord and Levi

October 1204

Provide cooperation to the "United Nobles" that appeared in Erebonia


Use the power of "Flame Demon" to block "Light Swordsmith" Viscount Arseid

May 1206

Appears in Crossbell, and fights the new Class VII at the Orchid Tower and the Tower of Stars.


In order to promote the "Phantom Flame Project" and cooperate with the Osborn forces


Fight Rean with Viscount Arseid at the Orchid Tower


In "Mobile Fortress Fantasy", retrieve the true form of the king of another world and fight against Rean. Did not return to the association after the battle, whereabouts unknown

Interpersonal relationship

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