Kenona Amarudia

Secretary of R&A Investigation Agency


Red-haired, purple-pupil "female fox"


Captain Yulia is the same group of students in the military academy, who has a strong sense of competition for him, and then graduated with excellent grades. There is a clear sense of confrontation. Secretly called "female fox". During the army, he worked in the Intelligence Department of the Royal Army founded by Colonel Richard.


A female captain who works in the Intelligence Department of the Kingdom Army. With capable short pink hair, attractive peachy eyes, good calculation, good at overall management. It is the direct adjutant of Richard Richards, who admires him with great admiration. During the military school, Yulia was a competitor with the same period, and this kind of confrontational psychology was also brought into the military with graduation.


Retired from the military together with Richard and served as his secretary in charge of the entire company's operations. The company name R&A is taken from the initials of the two surnames.