Member of "West Wind Brigade"

"Fei, please stay with that person till the end."


He served as a company captain in one of the strongest chasing regiments in the mainland, "West Wind Brigade". Because he is good at using trap tactics unique to hunters, he is also known as a "trap master".

Since their leader passed away and the brigade disbanded, they have lost their whereabouts for a while...

Later, he was hired by Duke Kane of the noble alliance to execute the occupation of the imperial capital. During the civil war, he stood in front of Rean, Fei and others in various places. After the confrontation in Huang Mocheng, although the head of the group was long gone, when they left, they told Fei to "get back the head of the head", and then disappeared again...

A year and a half later, he and Lu Jia reappeared together. Following the instructions of "Snake Eater" and assisting the "experiment", although he has repeatedly clashed with Rean and others, he seems very happy that Fei has become a guerrilla.

When the conflict between Li En and Lu Jia is over, he joins the Thousand Sun Flame Project and breaks into the salt pile.

They also appeared in the subsequent operations of Founding Wings.

Role experience

The hunter of the "West Wind Brigade" known as the "Trap Envoy", he was an assassin who tried unsuccessfully to assassinate Luke in the past. After the assassination organization was destroyed by "West Wind Brigade", Lu Jia persuaded to join the hunters.

During the civil war, in order to resurrect Luke, he obeyed the orders of the goblins and participated in the "United of Nobles". After that, he often blocks the way of Class VII with his partners Leonidas and Luke.

Jaeno uses a large bladed rifle far exceeding his height to kill his prey, both at close range and at a distance.

He's also a master at using all kinds of traps, and he seems to have taught Fei's hunting techniques at times.

Jaeno has a unique dialect. He has a relaxed personality and is quick to talk to his opponents. He contrasts with the taciturn Leonidas, but they seem to get along just fine for that reason.

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Acting as an assassin


The assassination of Luke failed. tracked by the organization


"West Wind Brigade" destroys the organization that Jayno belongs to


Join the "West Wind Brigade" under the persuasion of Lu Jia


Lu Jia and the head of the "Red Constellation" duel to death


After "West Wind Brigade" was disbanded, induced Philip to go to Sarah


He accepted Luke's proposal for resurrection from Albergo the Black. then acted upon by goblins

October 1204

Participate in "Aristocratic Union"


Assaulted Lien, Fei and others in the Garella fortress


Talk with Li En in "Patanguai"


Battle with Li En, Fei and others in the "Magic City"

April 1206

After the resurrection, Lu Jia is blocked in front of Class Ⅶ as "West Wind Brigade"


Acting as Lu Jia's outpost in "Second Xiangke" duel with Class Ⅶ


Yixu McGonagall's final wartime cooperation, together with Li En and others, to retrieve the future of the empire

Interpersonal relationship

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