Associate the leader of "The Snake of the Body"


The leader of the organization of the Snakes of the Body, a mysterious woman whose name is unknown. Calling himself a "shadow", proclaiming the existence of the world's time limit.

Twenty years ago, Lianna was called into the association, and the apostle and executor of the snake were called.

Let his subordinates execute Orpheus' final plan, including the Gospel Project, the Illusion Flame Project (the second stage), and the Eternal Calamity Return Project (the third stage), which successively involve the Treasure of the Sky, the Treasure of Zero, and the Power of Great Power.

Weapons such as Wiseman's magic wand, Levi's Magic Sword Rock Eater, and Macbon's Magic Sword Unbar have been manufactured.

The 3rd Star Gate 14 of Kora no Trajectory appeared with sound, and after the end of the phantom flame project of the sen no trajectory, it was announced among the stars that Orpheus finally planned to enter a new stage.

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