Estelle Bright

Class B guerrilla of the Libel branch of the Guerrillas Association


Role experience

A girl who became a guerrilla at the age of 16, and her father, Lieutenant General Cassius, was the commander-in-chief of the Liberal Kingdom Army. He is the central figure in solving the Coup d'état of the Liberal Kingdom Army Intelligence Department four years ago and "The Liberal Mutation".

She has been sunny and cheerful since birth, and has the spiritual power to never succumb to adversity. She has been called "Sunshine Girl" by her partner.

Banned from entry by the imperial government, but embedded in Crossbell while there was a change in the empire. Obtained information related to "Twilight of the Giants" and acted to save the world from a crisis

Seven Glory Calendar



Born as the eldest daughter of the Bright family


Growing up healthily under the leadership of father Cassius and mother Lena


Was involved in the war of "Hundred Days Battle" and said goodbye to Lena


Meet Joshua, who is the adopted son of the Bright family


Reconciled with Joshua and became a family

Work hard with Joshua to become a guerrilla


Level up with Joshua as a semi-partisan, and tour the kingdom to become a full-fledged partisan

Contributed to preventing the coup d'etat of the Royal Army Intelligence Department

Joshua, who was upgraded to a regular guerrilla, and at the same time found out that he was actually a spy of the "Snake Body Eater", chose to leave quietly

In order to retake Joshua, he started training at Lou Locke training ground in Lehman Autonomous Prefecture.

After returning to Liber, he was deeply involved in "Liber's Mutation" when tracking down the association.


Meet Joshua again and convince him to become a partner and lover

Contribute to the solution of the Liberal Mutation with Joshua and other partners

Enter the Erebonian Empire and resolve an event related to the ancient relic with Guerrilla Stovar in Arsta

Assisted Guardian Knight Kevin to resolve the "Land of Shadows" incident

1204 Feb

Moved to the Crossbell Branch of the Partisan Association with Joshua

1204 May

Assisted the "Special Support Division" in solving the "D∴G Order" incident

Welcome Ryan as Bright's Adopted Daughter

1206 August

Infiltrated the Orchid Tower with the Special Support Section and obtained information about the Empire's "Twilight"

1206 Sep

Assisted Rean and others in the battle, and participated in the battle with the "Evil God Ishmaq".

Interpersonal relationship