"Goblin" Workshop Manager

"--Then, I wish you all a good "doom"."


Hundreds of years ago, the "Goblin" elder, who disappeared from the empire of Ereponia, controlled the alien tactical shell called "Beast Eye". In modern times, he called himself "Black Workshop", as one of the thirteen workshops of "The Snake of the Body", and concealed his whereabouts... Together with Prime Minister Osborne, we waited for the opportunity to realize "Giant Twilight".

Before the memory of being an elder was awakened, he acted as Alyssa's father Franz... But when Franz was assassinated by "Deadline", the memory of being a "Goblin" elder was fully awakened. Now he claims to be Alberrich, is active in the dark, and seems to be absolutely loyal to the prime minister.

Role experience

Alyssa's father, the master of "Black Atelier" who secretly takes Osborn as the master

A group of Goblin Elders who were awarded the Treasures of the Earth in the past. "Black Atelier" is secretly active as a corner of the technical network "Thirteen Atelier" of the association "Snake Eater". You can feel his calmness and wisdom from the way he speaks.

This is the true identity of Franz, the husband of Irina, the technician of the RF agency, who has been replaced by another personality called "Goblin Chief". Alberich took Osborn as his master, and began preparations a long time ago in order to complete "Twilight of the Giants" and "Seven Phases".

As the origin of all tactical shells, use the beast's eyes to fight.

Sometimes he made fun of Rean and their actions, sometimes he looked down on them, sometimes he said it as if he saw through it all.

Now that we have "Sword of Doom", we can usher in "Final Phase Conqueror" in the best possible way.

The personality of Schmidt's No. 1 disciple, the former name Franz Lugmann, was occupied, and he was secretly active as the goblin chief Elberich. Committed to achieving Ish McGonagall's goal of "Final Compromise".

Finally got back Franz's personality.

? ? ? ?

Born as a descendant of the goblins


Became the first disciple of Schmidt at Luray University of Technology


marry irina


Alyssa is born


The memory disappears due to the beginning of Ishmegg's domination


Awakened in front of Sharon sent by Dr. Novartis of the Association. After being killed in combat, the incident was treated as an explosion accident. Later resurrected as "undead"


Approaching "West Wind Brigade", reviving the dead Lu Jia as the initiator of "Purple Rider"

May 1206

Appeared in front of the new Class VII as visiting professor Lugman

June 1206

When Miriam was exploring, she handed the map of Brionia Island to Rean and the others in Ordis, the sea capital.

July 1206

Give Rean and the others the key to the catacomb of the Imperial Museum


In "Black Star Cup", "Sword of the End" was refined, and "Twilight of Jushuo" was triggered with "Grey Rider". Bring Rean back to the goblin's headquarters

August 1206

Ambushing Lloyd with Maria Bell and Claire at the Orchid Tower


In "Dark Atelier", Rean, who tried to escape, faced off against those who came to rescue


Farewell to Irina, Schmidt, Sharon, and George in Kagantua Class Flying Fortress


After "The Third Phase Gram", let "Fantasy Mobile Fortress" and "Salt Pile" appear


Meet the old and new Class VII with Rufus in Mobile Fortress Fantasy


With the disappearance of Ishmegg, Franz's soul was released. He teamed up with Rosalia to materialize the concept weapon "Sword" and fixed Crow's soul in his body. Say goodbye to Arisa.


Inform Miriam of the location of the spare body

Interpersonal relationship

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