🎉 Thank you for your support. At present, the Cafe Raiders site has collected the funds needed for operation in 2021! We welcome you to continue to sponsor this site, and the excess funds will be used to upgrade the server configuration~

Dear users, in order to ensure the self-sufficient operation of the Cafe Raiders site, we hope you can consider donating to this site.

Up to now, all expenses incurred in 2020 have been paid by members of the production team of the strategy station.

However, considering the long-term operation of the Raiders Station, we hope that the Raiders Station can achieve a balance of payments, so that the Raiders Station can exist for a long time.

All donations will be used for the following purposes:

  • Web server related fees (cloud server fees, network fees, domain name fees, plugin fees, etc.)
  • The purchase cost of the materials needed in the process of making the strategy (for example: official strategy book, character set)


Advertising seriously affects the reading experience, not considered for the time being

We provide a list of website revenue and expenditureExcel data sheet, But the data update may be delayed

Alipay does not support payments from abroad, WeChat can be used normally. In addition, WeChat Pay only displays the WeChat nickname, or it can be completely anonymous, Alipay will display the real name of the code. It is also considering adding other suitable overseas payment methods, such as credit cards.

Currently you can donate to this site in the following two ways:


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