Altina Olein

Member of Class Ⅶ of Torz Second Campus

"It's still so noisy. As a spy, I think this needs to be improved."


Role experience

Manufactured by Black Atelier and shipped after erasing the memory. During the Civil War, perform missions for the League of Nobles on loan from the goblins. Confronting Rean and the others under the code name of "Black Rabbit".

After the end of the civil war, his affiliated unit was transferred to the Imperial Intelligence Bureau, and he completed various tasks as a watcher who focused on the character Rean.

For the mission, while Rean became an instructor, he also entered Thors Military Academy Second Branch as a student of Class 7. In the battle of "Black Star Cup", he was chosen as the body of "Sword", and was finally saved by Miriam's sacrifice. After that, he cooperated with Class 7 to face the changes in the Empire together.


The Oz series was produced as Miriam's successor.


As "Black Rabbit" and "League of Nobles".

Elphin and Elphin were kidnapped in Yumir in November.

Meets Rean in Tampa Guy and thinks he's a scumbag.


After the Civil War, he followed Rean as Rean's companion and watcher.

In March, in Crossbell and Rean, against Lloyd and Lixia.

In November, he participated in "The Battle of the North" with Rean.


In April, when Rean became an instructor at Thors Military Academy-Livers 2nd Campus, Altina was admitted as a student of Class 7.

In July, in order to ensure the personal safety of Ash who attacked the emperor, he returned to the headquarters of the intelligence bureau to take up his post.

He parted ways with Rean during the battle of "Black Star Cup".

Miriam sublimated into "The Sword of the Void of the Root".

When I infiltrated "Black Atelier" in August, I got back some memories of the past.

In "Black Atelier", he rescued Rean with his comrades from Class 7.

Farewell to Miriam, who was resurrected using Oz73's backup body.

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