Regional introduction

The eastern frontier of Calvad is a local city located in the basin surrounded by two huge mountain ranges, the Tianshan Mountains (Solaris Mountains) and the Ishgar Mountains (Kunlun Mountains). This city is not only the gateway from the east of the mainland to the west, but also a famous hot spring town. It attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.

Regional original painting

3D model

In-game introduction

A small city located in the easternmost point of the Republic of Calvad, in the basin surrounded by the Tianshan Mountains and the Ishgar Mountains.

Since ancient times, it has been the entrance to the east of the mainland. It is a hot spring resort with strong oriental culture, and it is also a famous tourist destination.

There are many open-air vendors on the streets, as well as various activities for tourists. The ruins of the Dou Rui Dojo are also here.