Rosalia Millsteen

Elder of "Witch's Family"

"I don't want you to stop crying. However, since you have inherited that bloodline, you must be saddled with the fate of choosing "The Way of Survival"."


Role experience

He is the leader of the descendant of the clan that inherited the treasure of flames, "Crimson of Creation", "The Witches' Family". Although she looks like a loli on the outside, she has actually lived for 800 years, and her unique way of saying it is very mature. And her body is the holy beast guarding the "Treasure".

During his special internship at Thors Second Campus, he often appeared in front of Rean, helping him restrain his power and helping him with incredible spells. After revealing her true identity, the witch who led all the ghosts provided Rean with all-round help. In the final decisive battle, he himself stood at the forefront of the battle.

Seven Glory Calendar


about 1 year

In order to control the "Existence of Giants", the head of the flame clan merged with "Holy Beast of Flame" Rosalia to become "Winged Scorching Beast"

around 300 years

Former leader destroyed by goblin betrayal

As a familiar from the previous generation, the current Rosalia succeeded as the leader of "Witch's Family"


Guide Liana and become the initiator of "Silver Knight"

952 July

Joined Drakeles' faction in "The Lion War" and guided him to become the initiator of "The Ash Knight"


Given to Clotid and Emma the facilitator

1206 April~

Make contact with Rean in the Great Istemia Forest and on the island of Brionia

1206 June

Goodbye to Arian Heard (Lianna), who has been away for more than 20 years

1206 July

Opened a secret path for Rean and the others in the Imperial City sewers

In "Dark Dragon's Bedroom", he revealed his origins to Rean and others, and gave them the trial of "True Zero Strider".

In Heimdall Cathedral, many truths are told with Thomas

Working with Thomas to make a hole in the enchantment of the Black Star Cup

Helped the old and new Class 7 to hide in Oi Ling

1206 August

He gave full help to the old and new version 7 of the reinvigorated version that planned to rescue Rean, helped to find out the goblin's base camp, and opened a road to send everyone away

Called Rean and others to the Moon Spirit Field, and activated "Moon Pluto Mirror"

He fully assisted the strategy of "Salt Pile" and the crusade of "Evil God Ishmeg"

Worked with Franz to materialize the concept weapon "Sword", and fixed Crow's soul and body


Interpersonal relationship

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