Yuna Crawford

Member of Class Ⅶ of Torz Second Campus

"Didn’t you say it? The current "Class VII" is also an important "home" for me."


Role experience

Matthew and Lena are married, and Yuna is born as the eldest daughter of the Cloverford family. Because of her young twin siblings, Yuna is often popular with children.

Enrolling in the police academy in 1204 because of his longing for the Crossbell Police "Special Support Division" who solved various difficult cases. However, the Empire's dream of joining the Crossbell police was temporarily blocked by capturing Crossbell and Lloyd, who was wanted in the "Special Support Section".

After entering the second branch, she struggled to show her glory as a citizen of Crossbell. At a time when the world is in crisis, be the center of gravity for the old and new 7 groups and encourage everyone.


Born as the eldest daughter of the Crawford family in Old Crossbell State.


Nostalgia for Crossbell and admiration for the Special Support Division, and enrolls in the police academy.


① Empire Merger Crossbell

②Ken and Nana were attacked by the Republic Army during the chaos after the Declaration of Independence of Crossbell, and Rean saved his life.

③ Protested against Lloyd's military and police headquarters, and gave up the idea of entering the military and police force. When looking for a unit that could replace the military and police forces, he listened to Claire's advice and decided to enroll in Thors Military Academy Second Branch.


In April, he entered Thors Military Academy-Leaves Second Campus. Belongs to "Secret Service Division 7 Group".

A special exercise in Crossbell State in May contributed to the dismantling of Operation Birdcage.

He was released after the battle of "Black Star Cup" in July.

In August, Ai Ling woke up in the witch's house.

Came to Crossbell in search of singularity. Farewell to the Secret Service Support Division while fighting the Serpent

Rescue Rean in "Black Atelier" with your companions.

As "Wings of Light" to face "Phase G".

Contribute to the defeat of "Ishmaeg of the End".

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