OCR Translation of Kuro no Kiseki


Recently, the Japanese version of Li Gui 2 was released. Unfortunately, the Chinese version is not synchronized. The friends who can't wait are ready to start eating raw meat. Here is a convenient way to turn the machine. It needs to be used with a PC, and there is no requirement for PC configuration.


The first step: usePS Remote Play(Sony official free software, up to 1080P) or video capture card (purchased by yourself) to stream real-time game images to the PC.

PS Remote Play directlydownload link, After downloading and installing, log in to the PSN account, connect the handle to the PC through the data cable, and then add your PS4/PS5 device. After success, the following picture is shown:

Step 2: Download and install the OCR translation software. Here are some free and open source software (Tuanzi now recommends buying online OCR, with higher accuracy, only 20 yuan a month):

To use OCR translation software with translation API, each API is requiredRegistered addressRegister to get the API call key. For how to use each OCR translation software, please refer to the GitHub page of the corresponding tool. The basic working principle is the same. Use OCR to recognize the foreign language text in the selected area on the screen, then call the translation API for translation and finally display the translation result. The whole process is fully automatic. You only need to set up the tools and select the translation area, but the quality of the machine translation is probably barely able to see it. The effect is probably as follows, it can automatically recognize the text in the area in a loop:

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