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[Special Feature] The upcoming Queen’s Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebration of the sixtieth year

Queen Alicia will turn 60 this year. In half a year, we will have a grand birthday celebration. Since this year is the Queen's memorable sixtieth year, everyone is looking forward to a grander celebration than in previous years. At the same time, this year also coincides with the 10th anniversary of the end of the "Hundred Days Campaign". What can we do to prevent the tragedy from happening again? ——That is the birthday celebration of the unity of all people around your Majesty. Isn’t this a good opportunity to look back on the kingdom’s journey and look forward to the future?

Grancell Preparations for the birthday celebration are underway

On the bustling streets, citizens have long been eager to prepare decorations, and businessmen are not far behind. For the upcoming celebration, various new products are gradually being developed.

Soluby, the owner of the famous ice cream shop in Dongjie District, said: "This time of the year is the decisive moment! According to reports, the new menu carefully crafted by the store will only be released on the day of the celebration. "Because there are more and more ice cream shops! After all, it’s a good thing that the celebration will become more lively, but while Soluby said these things with a smile, her eyes seemed to have begun to pay attention to the movements of competitors.

Who will be the winner of this year's martial arts competition? ◆

Wangli Arena will also host a martial arts conference hosted by Her Majesty the Queen before the birthday celebration this year. One-on-one real guns and swords fighting competitions will surely receive widespread attention, and the martial arts convention has now become the finale performance of the birthday celebration. So, who will win this year's laurels?

[Society] Robber incidents occurred across Perth

According to our news, in recent days, there have been many robberies in the area centered on Perth. The Border Division of the Kingdom Army stationed at the gate of Harken is stepping up its guard.

Although the military has not officially released the news yet, based on the witness intelligence, it can be determined that it is a group crime. It is hoped that the prisoner can be arrested and brought to justice soon.

[Recreation Spot] A hotel worth visiting

The hotel "Chuan Chan Pavilion" on the shore of Lake Valyria is quietly gathering popularity. And it is the young female tourists in the royal capital that set off this wave of leisure vacations. During the holidays, why don't you take the time to come here for leisurely fishing?

[Flash report] The scheduled ship Linde is missing!

No audio Is the regular ship missing?

Yesterday afternoon, the regular ship "Linde" bound for Lorient lost contact over the eastern sky of Perth. Although the Kingdom Army tried its best to launch a search operation, after a whole night of hard work, the regular ship is still missing.

Scheduled boats suspended across the board

Due to the need for priority search operations, the Royal Army has designated Perth as a no-fly zone over the eastern part. Affected by this, the current line of scheduled ships has been suspended.

passenger17People's safety is unknown

According to the passenger roster published by the Airship Commune, there were 17 passengers and staff on the Linde at that time. Families of passengers are increasingly worried about the comfort of their loved ones.

Expert opinion "The possibility of accident is low"

Is it an accident or an incident? We interviewed experts.

The director of the Central Workshop·Madok Workshop: The current guiding force engine is technically mature, and it is hard to imagine a failure that directly caused the fall. I think: the probability of an accident is low.

Intricate intelligence

There are various theories about the disappearance of the Linde. For example, the conspiracy made by some of the factions of the Imperial Army or the mercenary force ‘the hunting regiment’ that secretly operated in various countries, the kidnapping for ransom, and even the dragon attack caused by the surviving ‘ancient dragon’. Said, however, no matter what kind of statement is just a guess without evidence. On the other hand, whether the disappearance of the airship is related to the robber case that occurred in Perth some time ago has yet to be ascertained.

These confusions are caused by the control of intelligence by the Royal Army. These controls only increase public anxiety, so I hope that information can be disclosed as soon as possible.

[Society] Qi Yao Stone was stolen! Robber incident in Loriente

The Qiyao Stone kept in the residence of the mayor of Llorente was stolen. The guerrillas belonging to the local branch have launched a hunting operation. Although the Qiyao Stone was retaken, the prisoners were finally allowed to escape. Fortunately, the mayor and his family had no casualties. "It's a pity to let the prisoner escape, but the guerrillas have done their best. "(Representative of the same branch).

【Culture】Relics Visit

~Lorient area "Emerald Tower"~

From the city of Llorente, you can walk more than a hundred squares along the mountain road, and you can see the tall tower with turquoise luster standing in the desolate landscape. This is the "Emerald Tower", one of the "Four Wheel Towers" walking around in the kingdom.

It is said that the tower was built during the founding period, and its purpose is still a mystery. We look forward to using the latest guidance technology to conduct deeper research on it.

[Early News] "Linde" missing time continued!

Ransom demand received!

According to relevant sources of the Royal Army, the Grancell Airship Commune and the King Liberty received a criminal statement from the criminal gang yesterday. In the statement, the prisoner claimed to be the "Kapuya family" and demanded a huge ransom in exchange for the life of the passenger (in addition, intelligence said that the ransom requested was tens of millions of meters).

What is the "Capua Family" of the Sky Pirates?

A group of air thief mainly in the airspace of the Empire to Perth. Its exact scale is not yet known, but it is reported that it is a small-scale criminal group with about 20 members.

How to search in the future Partnership is the key

As the details of the current incident have become clear, the focus of future search activities will shift to priority rescue of hostages. It can be expected that difficult situations will increase, and the cooperation between the Royal Army and the Guerrilla Association will become a more serious problem. To borrow the words of a person from the Guerrilla Association, the relationship between the two is in a state of "although it is not the worst, but it is definitely not much better." Therefore, it is difficult to expect the two to cooperate. The Mayor of Perth City Maybel, who commissioned the Guerrillas Association to conduct an independent investigation, is also one of many who are worried about the situation. "This is not the time to compete for each other's sphere of influence. I hope that both parties can be more mature and stable..." The female mayor, who was only 21 years old, who was responsible for the important task, sighed like this. Should the relevant personnel be serious about the importance of formal cooperation?

[Technology] New airship "El Seio"

Soon to lift off!

The high-speed cruiser "Elseiu" (42 sub-square inches in length) built by Chase Central Studio has completed the ship equipment and handed over to the Royal Guards. Flight test activities will be held in the near future. As the development progress of the dominant engine is still lagging, it is expected that only basic performance evaluation will be conducted this time.

[Culture] Book Review "Record·Battle of the Hundred Days

It has been 10 years since the end of the Hundred Days Campaign. For many citizens, the tragic situation at that time is still fresh in memory, and it is difficult to calmly review the past. Through carefully accumulated objective historical materials, this book highlights the truth about the inside story of the battle. It can be called a timely masterpiece.

[Recreation Spot] A hotel worth visiting

In this issue, I recommend the hot spring hotel "Hongye Pavilion" in the village of Almo, south of Chase, not far from the border of the Republic. The tranquil oriental style and abundant natural hot springs have captivated many tourists, and there are also many repeat customers who come from far away.

The oriental cuisine that is considered to be rich in beauty is worth looking forward to, but the most highly recommended by this magazine is the open-air bath. There may be resistance at first, but after getting used to it once, you will be fascinated by this sense of openness. Take a bath while gazing at the starry sky. Give it a try after you tie your bath towels!

[Special Feature] The Air Pirate Group was arrested! The "Linde" incident is resolved!

All the hostages were rescued safely

According to the news released by the Royal Army, the military intelligence department found a hiding place for the air bandit group in the mountainous area of Perth, arrested the air bandit group lurking in the mountain, and confirmed that all the hostages in the prison were safe and sound.

The "Linde" was found in the Ravennu waste pit

A few days before the arrest of the prisoner, the "Linde" was found in an abandoned pit in the northern part of Ravennu Village. No passengers were seen on the airship. The Linde was just an empty shell. However, with this discovery as a turning point, the search progress made an unexpected breakthrough.

Active and dazzling New Force "Information Department"

Analyzing the search intelligence of the "Linde", inferred the hiding place of the air thief group-it was the newly established Intelligence Department of the Kingdom Army that completed this major task in recent years. The force, led by the young general leader Colonel Richard, is truly dedicated to the collection and analysis of intelligence. In this incident, the Border Division commanded by General Morgan was responsible for tracking the prisoners, and the intelligence analysis was performed by the Intelligence Department. The combination of two generations of generals, young and old, has brilliantly led the search task to success.

The moment the prisoner was arrested Our reporter participates in assault operations

"We are the Kingdom Army! Put your hands up! 』——Just as members of the Air Pirate Group tried to flee in an airship, the soldiers stood in front of them. Resistance was in vain, and the gang members had to be arrested one after another. This is the moment when the unprecedented big case-the "Linde" incident is resolved. Perhaps it was unbelievable that the Kingdom Army had already invaded the base, and the suspect leader Duolun (32 years old) was at a loss until the end.

The guerrillas also participated in the war

Of course, most of the credit for this successful operation goes to the Intelligence Department. However, the contributions made by the guerrillas behind them cannot be ignored. Just a few hours before the army started fighting, several guerrillas sneaked into the hiding place of the air bandit group through clever methods. They fought fiercely with the air thief group inside the thieves' nest, and as a result, they played a great auxiliary role in the battle of the kingdom army. The cooperation between the Guerrilla Association and the Royal Army, which we had always expected, was unexpectedly realized in the final.

The suspect was taken to the Fortress of Reston

The air thief group headed by the suspect Duolun was taken to the Reston Fortress, and the interrogation was also scheduled to take place at the same place. In addition, the small imperial airship "Lynx" used by the Air Pirate Group was seized by the military as an exhibit.

The hostages are safe The relatives finally let go of the big stone in their hearts

After hearing the long-awaited news, the passengers' families also showed long-lost smiles. "This is the best result. We would like to thank all the people involved. After confirming that all the hostages are safe and sound, the Mayor of Perth City Maybel made such a comment in the face of this journal's interview. What brought us this "best result" was the concerted efforts of many related personnel, headed by General Morgan, who served as the commander-in-chief on the front line all day and night. Their hard work so far is worthy of reward, and we express our heartfelt thanks to them.

【Society】Duke Dunant Visit Luan area

Her Majesty's nephew, the Duke Dunant, visited and inspected the Luan area. Since it is a private visit, the specific location of the visit has not been specifically published.

【Society】Shameful imperial man Penniless eating overlord meal

"Antros Restaurant", a high-end restaurant in the North Street district of Perth, was victimized and was eaten at the King’s Meal. The imperial traveler who claimed to be a "musician" was arrested as the current criminal, and was taken to Hacken Gate after being arrested that day. The precedents of being imprisoned for eating the king’s meal are extremely rare. The relevant military personnel made the following explanation: the loss was extremely high and it was judged as a planned crime, so this sentence was made.

[Special Feature] Colonel Richard Exclusive interview

Kingdom Army Rising Star Full of true colors

The "Linde" incident once caused riots across the country. The successful resolution of this century-old case is attributable to the correct judgment made by the Intelligence Department of the new department of the Royal Army. In response to requests from readers, this journal publishes an exclusive interview with Colonel Richard, the founder of the Ministry of Intelligence. The colonel took time out of his busy schedule to accept the interview and would like to express his gratitude.

Biography of Colonel Alan Richard:

Born in 1168 (34 years old), unmarried.
Graduated from noncommissioned school, colonel. Intelligence Commander of the Kingdom Army.

The establishment of the Ministry of Information is the "inevitability of the times"

This issue: You have worked hard in the "Linde" incident.

Colonel Richard (hereinafter referred to as Colonel): We non-commissioned officers are just sitting at the table. I think the real heroes should be the soldiers performing the search mission on the spot, right?

Our Journal: What you said makes sense—then, the first question. What mission did you perform in "Hundred Days Campaign"?

Colonel: From the filing of combat cases to actual combat, communication, and material preparation, I have done all kinds of work.

Our Journal: Was the war experience at that time the motivation for the establishment of the Intelligence Department?

Colonel: No, the establishment of the Intelligence Department is an inevitability of the times. With the advancement of guiding technology, the development of things accelerates. We just make changes in response to this trend.

The Kingdom’s Army "needs to undergo essential conversion"

Our Journal: What should the Royal Army look like in the future?

Colonel: This shouldn't be what the sergeant was talking about, but in my personal opinion-I think it is necessary for the Royal Army to develop into a stronger organization.

Our Journal: Do you mean that it is necessary to strengthen the armaments?

Colonel: No, that's not what it meant. It is not a quantitative expansion, but a qualitative transformation is necessary. Including the qualitative transformation of all aspects such as organization and equipment.

This journal: (due to time constraints) Thank you very much for accepting the interview.

Reporter's impression

Straightforward and candid character-Colonel Richard did not give the impression of an "elite" circulating in the world. From the way the Intelligence Department was established, it can be seen that the colonel is not only a keen mind, but also a person with unique political skills. New stars appearing in the Kingdom Army are expected to receive more attention in the future.

[Culture] Academy Festival is approaching Denise Royal College

It's the lively season on campus again. In a little while, the college festival of the Royal Academy of Denise will be opened this year. It is expected that in addition to exhibitions and various simulation shops, there will be activities such as stage plays performed by students as usual. Let us look forward to its wonderful performance!

【Culture】Relics Visit ~Ayre, Luan Region·Raiden~

The water from the lake flowing through the protruding waterway bridge of the cliff becomes a waterfall pouring down-the spectacle of Al Layden can indeed bring a strong visual impact to tourists. The waterway bridge is considered to be a relic of the Middle Ages, but how was it built in the era when there was no power conductor? People's interest in this matter is endless. Now, the interior of the ruins is used as a gate, and there are also accommodation facilities for travelers. If you are on the way of sightseeing in Lu'an area, you might as well come here to experience the ancient romance, you will surely have a lot of feelings.

[Express News] The orphanage was completely burned down

In the early hours of yesterday morning, the Marcia orphanage in Lu'an area caught fire and all the facilities were destroyed. Fortunately, neither the dean nor the children were injured. The local branch of the Guerrilla Association is in charge of investigating the cause of the fire.

[Flash News] Mayor Lu'an was arrested! Multiple charges including arson

Suddenly arrested

Yesterday afternoon, the suspect Lu'an Mayor Delmon (48 years old) was arrested by the Royal Guard on multiple charges including arson and complicity. Its secretary Kilbat (25 years old) was also arrested on the same charge. The two suspects have been extradited to the Intelligence Department and escorted to Reston Fortress on the same day.

Current mayor Horrible assault

After investigation, the mayor of Delmon was suspected of ordering multiple executors to set fire to the Marcia Orphanage, planning to rob and harming the director of the hospital. Although the executor has not yet been arrested and brought to justice, another suspect, Kilbat, the mayor’s secretary, has been arrested at the scene of the plot. The factual relationship of the crime has been clarified.

The big hunt of the day The new airship "Elseo" joins the war

While the guerrillas went to the mayor's residence to testify about the incident, the suspect Delmon suddenly fled. He fled to the Lubino River mouth on his own yacht, and the guerrillas immediately followed him. In the end, the cruiser "Elseiu" who was rushed to the scene blocked the yacht's path after receiving contact, and the suspect was arrested without a fight. Perhaps mentally stimulated, the suspect experienced a short-term memory disorder, but it is said that he has recovered calm.

Why start on the innocent orphanage? Motivation for arson

The motive that motivated this mayor, who was born in the original aristocratic family and has always performed well, to commit crimes was the huge debts that resulted from his failure of speculation.

According to our investigation, the suspect Delmon has been keen on speculative market transactions. But a year ago, the transaction in the Republic failed, and the debt was huge.

In order to fill the debt loophole, the suspect privately embezzled the municipal budget and was eager to build the villa already in the plan. His intention was to get rid of the debt crisis by selling profits. However, the Marcia Orphanage, which was in the place where the villa was scheduled for construction, refused to answer and sold the land, which became the biggest stumbling block to the plan.

The suspect was forced into desperation and used brutal arson methods to achieve his goal of occupying the land. After that, he was sinking deeper and deeper and unable to extricate himself from falling into a quagmire. He repeatedly involved various economic and violent crimes.

【Society】Municipal chaos Urgent need to hold elections quickly

It is foreseeable that due to the arrest of the current mayor, Lu'an Municipality will be in chaos for some time to come. According to the provisions of the "Kingdom Charter" formulated at the same time as the abolition of the aristocracy, elections should be held as soon as possible in this case to elect a new mayor, in order to ensure the normal work and life of citizens, maintain social stability, and quickly And fair elections urgently need to be implemented.

[Technology] The world's first ability Calculus force guide "Capel"

Mechanical calculations using force guides have been used in various fields such as airship navigation devices, and Chase Central Studio’s "Capel" dominates the entire industry.

"Capel" can find the necessary information in an instant in a record equivalent to multiple encyclopedias. Dr. Russell, who is responsible for the development, is studying how to make this technology more widely used.

[Flash News] Shake the Kingdom! A terrorist incident occurred in Chase Central Studio

Terror in broad daylight

According to the information released by the Intelligence Department of the Royal Army, a terrorist incident occurred in the Chase Central Workshop yesterday. The specific circumstances of the victimization are unclear. The prisoner used a smoke tube. Due to the smoke, the scene fell into a panic.

After the incident, some residents witnessed soldiers wearing "blue military uniforms" leaving the scene. The Royal Army is conducting an interrogation in Chase area to track down the traces of these soldiers.

"Blue military uniform" is deeply confusing

Regarding the "blue uniforms" worn by the soldiers who were witnessed at the scene, there have long been people who have pointed out that this is the uniform of the "Kingdom Army Guards". Although the Intelligence Department is currently evading the assertion of this incident, if this is the case, then it is certain that this will develop into a major event that will shake the backbone of the Kingdom Army. The progress of future searches deserves our close attention.

Strange phenomenon happened two days ago Is it related to this event?

It is already clear that on the night two days before the incident, a strange phenomenon in Chase City that the force conductor stopped functioning suddenly occurred. The Royal Army is investigating the connection between this phenomenon and the incident.

verification Summary of terrorist incident

The terrorist incident has so far been unclear even the purpose of the criminals. We are here to strictly review the imaginable background of the event.

[Hypothesis ① Imperial Conspiracy Theory]: A hypothesis that a part of the imperial army instigates a conspiracy for the purpose of the high-end technology of the Central Studio. It can be considered that they hired mercenary units such as the "Hunting Corps" as the executors of this incident.

[Hypothesis ② The theory of internal treason within the Kingdom Army]: It is a hypothesis that some of the Kingdom Army units are attempting to rebel in order to shake people's hearts throughout the kingdom and attempt to occupy the central workshop. However, there are no other signs of turmoil, which is not a convincing statement.

[Hypothesis ③ Ancient Dragon Attack Theory]: The ancient dragon surviving the mountain area attacked the central workshop. This is a curious theory of some researchers. Maybe we will verify it in the future.

【Culture】Relics Visit

~Gransell area "Fort Yaning" ~

Once in the "Hundred Days Campaign", as the last barrier to resist the imperial army's offensive, the "Fort Yaning", which was the capital of the king, was held firmly. This Great Wall defending Grancel is called the "Shell of the Pearl of the Night", and it is also one of the ancient ruins scattered throughout the kingdom. From the two gates of Gruner and St. Heim on the wall, you can experience the wisdom of the ancient people.

[Recreation Spot] A hotel worth visiting

This time, I'm not introducing a hotel, but the "Ronbaum Hotel" proud of the highest standards in the kingdom. It only takes a few minutes to walk from the East Street District. The hotel is located in a dreamland next to Gransell City. If you want to enjoy your birthday celebration, this is definitely the best choice. Please take this opportunity to experience the service that has been praised by celebrities from all walks of life!

[Special Feature] The King's City is agitated! The Guards plan a rebellion! ?

Shocked the capital Arrest guard

According to the information disclosed by the Intelligence Department late last night, the Royal Guards planned a rebellion in the capital. As the special forces of the Ministry of Intelligence became aware of the plan, this shocking incident was suppressed. Affected by the situation, the army combat headquarters immediately made a decision to disband the guards, and designated the wanted and fleeing former lieutenant Yulia Schwartz and his troops' generals throughout the kingdom.

The Intelligence Department seems to have determined that the attack on the central workshop the day before was also a crime committed by the former guards headed by the central defender. Perhaps it was this incident as the fuse that made the Intelligence Ministry determined to launch this arrest.

Elbe Palace is blocked

The Intelligence Department set up a search headquarters in the "Albey Palace" as a guideline to prevent unexpected attacks by rebel forces. Therefore, the area around the palace is currently under martial law, and ordinary people are not allowed to approach it.

Why the elite troops rebel Deeply confusing

The plan of rebellion, coupled with the attack on the Central Workshop, an elite force trusted by His Majesty, suddenly revealed suspicion of rebellion. The shocking report of the arrest of the Guards has aggravated the turmoil in the capital. The Ministry of Intelligence has not yet given any explanation on the motive and background of this incident. In order to stabilize people's hearts, shouldn't the reasons for the arrest be clearly stated?

[Society] Your Majesty is resting Birthday celebration may be postponed

According to relevant sources in the royal family, Her Majesty Queen Alicia has been insecure for her dragon body a few days ago, and is now resting in the Royal Palace. According to the insider, Princess Kolotia is taking care of her life by her Majesty's side, and the current government affairs are presided over by the Duke of Dunant. If the Queen's physical recovery is not satisfactory, the scheduled birthday celebration may also be postponed. The royal capital, shaken by the arrest of the guards, added another heavy news. We sincerely hope that Her Majesty the Queen can restore health as soon as possible.

[Society] Fierce battle unfolds The martial arts competition pre-selection begins

This year the martial arts conference was hosted by Duke Dunant instead of His Majesty. Although there are many topics about national sports, the qualifiers are still held as scheduled. Due to the strong desire of the Duke, the format of this conference was changed to a 4-on-4 team competition. Every player is running to gather team members, and a player from the Republic seems to have chosen one to play. Can the martial artist's lonely challenge successfully break through the preliminary selection? let us wait and see.

[Special Feature] Wushu Conference Decide the winner! !

Unexpected team won the crown

The last person of the special forces knelt on the ground slowly. While the referee stretched out the victory hand to the direction of the other team, the entire Gran Arena was immersed in an atmosphere of cheers and applause...

This conference has undergone changes from individual battles to group battles, and finally kicked off after twists and turns. Until the end, the game was still full of ups and downs. The winner was a mixed team led by a gold player from the Republic. Who could have predicted this feat. With an unheard combination of martial artists, quasi-guerrillas, and musicians, they were able to pass all the way to the finals, defeat the elite of the special forces and win the crown. It can be seen that the outcome of the game is unpredictable.

The winning team continued to exert more power than the sum of everyone's strength. The secret of its strength lies in the teamwork among team members to learn from each other. This conference has become a wonderful and fierce competition that only occurs in team battles. The heroic performance of all the contestants should be appreciated.

The winning team will attend the palace dinner

At the awards ceremony after the conference, the winning team of gold players and others were awarded a bonus of 100,000 mils and an invitation to the dinner party in the palace. The dinner party was hosted by Duke Dunant and it is expected that celebrities from all walks of life represented by the mayors of the cities will also attend the dinner.

[Society] Signs of Her Majesty's recovery

Her Majesty the Queen, who is in retreat, has recovered physically and is expected to return to government affairs soon. The birthday celebration, which was previously considered difficult to be held on schedule, will also be held on schedule. Recently, the uneasy news has continued, and we finally ushered in the long-lost good news.

[Society] The Ministry of Intelligence deploys special forces in the capital

As the mastermind of this terrorist incident, the former guard captain Yulia Schwartz and its backbone, the search for them has been delayed. In order to further strengthen the defense system, the Ministry of Intelligence decided to deploy its special forces in the capital. . It is expected that the guard task of the Royal City will also be taken over by the force at the same time.

[Society] Ancient dragon? Witnesses in Ravennu Village

In the village of Ravennu in the northern part of Perth, people have continuously reported witnessing huge shadows flying in the air. Whether the "ancient dragon" that survived the world before the "Crash" is still alive has become a hot topic in the local area. According to the researcher's account, the Perth area was the land where the figure of an ancient dragon was last witnessed, and there is still a possibility of surviving. Within a short time, the study of ancient dragons began to receive widespread attention in the world. The enthusiasm of researchers continues to rise.

[Flash News] The Ministry of Intelligence’s coup plan was defeated

Her Majesty rescued

At noon yesterday, a team composed of guerrillas and the Royal Guards stormed into Gransell City. They rescued Her Majesty Queen Alicia, who was actually under house arrest by the Ministry of Intelligence, suppressed the secret service of the Ministry of Intelligence, and liberated the city. The commander of the Intelligence Department, Colonel Richard and his gang were also arrested on suspicion of an attempted coup. The truth of the series of events that have been hidden so far will be reported to everyone in this special issue of this magazine without reservation.

To the reader

Many readers may be shocked by the title of this issue. So far, in order to expose the conspiracy of the Ministry of Intelligence, this magazine has suspended reports on major incidents such as occupying the royal city and under house arrest. We apologize for the unexpected report, and we also ask readers for their understanding. (Editor in chief)

Attempted coup Richard's conspiracy

The young reformer who founded the Ministry of Intelligence-hiding under this layer of mask is the face of a brilliant conspirator who carefully pushes the administrative change plan. Richard's plan began with the effective use of the Intelligence Department under his leadership to thoroughly collect the "handles" of the upper-level officials of the Royal Army, such as corruption and improper relations between men and women. Through this activity, Richard grasped the core of the Kingdom Army in a very short time. For the upright and honest officials like General Morgan, imprisonment and coercive measures are used to restrict their actions.

The terrorist incident at the Central Studio was also a crime by the Intelligence Ministry

Readers should remember that the previous decisive evidence for the arrest of the Guards—the terrorist incident that took place in the Central Workshop has now been found to have also been carried out by the special forces of the Intelligence Department under the command of Richard. In other words, the soldiers in the "blue uniforms" were completely disguised to put the blame on the Guards. The purpose of the incident was to snatch a certain experimental equipment from the Central Workshop and to kidnap Dr. Russell, who was the "first person in the research on force guiding devices". Regarding the background of this incident, the Guerrilla Association is still investigating.

The princess also became a hostage

Richard, who has mastered most of the real power in the army, finally began to implement his coup plan. It was Richard's original attempt to let the Queen's nephew, Duke Dunant, inherit the throne of Queen Alicia, while he manipulated the royal regime behind it-by kidnapping Princess Kolotia as a hostage to force her to abdicate. This was Richard's original attempt. But at this time, the guards led by Yulia's central defender had already sensed his conspiracy.

In order to protect the safety of Her Royal Highness, the Guards fought fiercely with the special forces. However, due to the disadvantage of the number, the Guards eventually lost and Princess Kolotia was abducted. Since then, the Guards were stigmatized as a "terrorist" and forced to turn to covert operations. At this time, all obstacles in the way of Richard's plan have been removed, and the success of the coup is only a matter of time.

Unexpected hero debut

However, light appeared from unexpected places. Certain characters were deceived by the security of the special forces, sneaked into the royal city, and successfully met with Her Majesty the Queen who was under house arrest. Following the opinions of the Guerrilla Association, we will omit detailed reports on them here, and ask readers for their understanding.

All in all, the Guerrilla Association, which was unable to grasp the form of the event due to the restrictions of the Ministry of Information at first, began to grasp the direction of the situation based on the information they brought back. Since then, the Guerrilla Association has become the center of confronting the forces of the Ministry of Intelligence. .

Liberation of Abel Palace Her Majesty the Liberation Queen

The Guerrilla Association quickly met with Lieutenant Yulia, the captain of the guards, and others. First of all, Abel's Palace was liberated through late night joint operations and successfully rescued the hostages headed by Princess Kolotia. Then yesterday, with the noon bell of the Granthall Cathedral as a signal, the rescue force centered on the guerrillas and the guards decisively launched the Royal City assault from the air, on the ground and underground, and succeeded. Break into the city.

When the repressive troops of the Kingdom Army controlled by the Intelligence Department approached, the intruding troops launched a desperate battle with the secret agents in and underground of Grancell. Finally, the guerrillas finally rescued Her Majesty the Queen. Almost at the same time, under the persuasion of General Morgan, who had escaped from imprisonment and rushed to the capital, the Kingdom Army troops approaching in front of them also stopped advancing. The coup planned by Richard and the Intelligence Department was stopped at a critical juncture.

The power of unsung heroes The real face of the assault force

As previously reported, it is not only the power of a hero that crushes the ambitions of the Intelligence Department. Only by gathering the meager courage of many unsung heroes can we produce the power that can finally stop this terrifying conspiracy.

The composition of the assault force that rescued Her Majesty the Queen strongly proves this fact. It is said that several civilians have also appeared in the mixed forces of the Guards and the guerrillas. In fact, in the final battle, the concentrated combat power of the liberation forces was not sufficient anyway.

And it is the courage of these citizens to make up for this deficiency.

Our reporter is also one of the people inspired by this courage. I must express special thanks to the two prospective guerrillas. Without them, it would be impossible for this journal to report on this incident. At the end of writing, the desire to thank them again is even stronger. According to the Guerrillas Association, they will be granted the desired qualifications soon. The following words are the personal message of the reporter. Seeing to save the face of the heroes of the kingdom, please forgive me.

Congratulations! Heartfelt blessing--

If you want to eat curry, it’s okay, count me as a treat! (N)

[Society] Guards regain their reputation Regroup

Stigmatized by insurgents and terrorists, the reputation of the Guards lurking everywhere has finally been restored. The Army Operations Headquarters has decided to formally reorganize the Guards within today, and it is expected that Yulia centreback and all his members will return to the original team.

[Society] General Morgan became the commander of the army operations

Part of the army, which should have become a strong defense shield for the citizens, planned a coup d'etat. For the Royal Army, which failed to prevent major events related to the survival of the country, the reconstruction of its organization became an urgent task.

The Kingdom Council has proposed a strategy for reorganization centered on General Morgan. The Royal Army also follows this policy, and it is expected that the general will soon take up the post of commander of the military operations.

In addition, it also announced the return of the general’s adjutant, the former Colonel Cassius Bright, who was active as the general’s right and left hand in the "Hundred Days Campaign". The former colonel was discharged after the battle, and later became active in the Guerrilla Association.

[Society] "Four Wheels Tower" has changed! ?

Yesterday afternoon, a large number of reports of "seeing incredible light" came from all over the kingdom. It is said that something like light is emitted from the top of the "Four Wheels Tower". The incident is currently under investigation and the details are unknown.