3 and 9

The story of the girl and the boy killer

In a port city in the northeast of the Duchy of Remifila, a large cruise ship is moored by the port. The cruise ship looks very luxurious
At a glance, it is known that it is a symbol or exclusive use of nobles, and guests of extraordinary value are also getting on the boat one after another.

Two of the guests were slightly noticeable.
The dressing and demeanor of the two really deserved to be called the eldest lady and the housekeeper. Such combinations can be seen everywhere in this place, but the problem is that they seem to be only twelve or three years old, which means they are two children.

"Please, please wait a minute~Miss~~~"

The girl walked in front, while the young butler dragged a huge travel bag, followed after panting and then got up again. The young man was wearing a high-end tuxedo, but his eyes were almost covered by bangs, his words and deeds were not imposing at all, and he looked very cowardly.

"Slow down, hurry up, and then drag me, I will ask the dog to crush your useless feet!"

The young girl walking in front said vicious things. Although her attitude was arrogant and domineering, she was really cute, looking upright and beautiful like a doll, her eyes were clear sapphire, her hair tied into two ponytails, and her tail The end is slightly rolled. Wearing a black-based gown with more frills. The most eye-catching is the giant bear doll that is up to 50 miles tall and is held with one hand by him. That extraordinary appearance made her laugh at her wayward behavior: (Children of this age are treated like this)

"Woo~~! Forgive me, Miss~~"

The boy begged for mercy, and after stepping up his steps, he finally arrived at the boarding gate.

"Please show your invitation letter and ferry ticket"

The crew at the boarding gate smiled and asked him to show his boarding qualifications.
This luxurious Coron is the property of Urnu Company, and it will mainly pass through La Milin Bay and travel between the Principality of Remi Filia and the Republic of Kalvard. Now the wealthy businessman of the Republic, Hador Barn, has chartered the entire ship. If you want to board the ship this time, you must bring the relevant invitation letter and general ship tickets. However, the invitation letter sent will be accompanied by a ferry ticket and room entry, so ticket checking is just a form.


The boy called the boy’s name, waved his hand a little, and asked him to take out the invitation letter and the boat ticket

"Yes, eldest lady, what can I do?"

But the young housekeeper was a little slower and didn't understand her intentions.

"Why are you so stupid! Rubbish, pests!"

"Woo... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

Facing the girl's sudden anger, the boy just apologized.

"Hurry up and get out the invitation letter and ferry ticket!"

"Good, good"

The young butler quickly rummaged through his luggage. But he was too impatient, and the ticket that he finally took out slipped from his fingers and flew away. Unfortunately. At this time, a gust of wind blew by, and the ticket drifted farther and farther with the wind.


The young man stretched his hand into the air, desperately trying to catch it, but his efforts were in vain, and the ticket had fallen to the water at the harbour.
And his misfortune is not over yet
The fish shadow suddenly flashed across the water, and several fish jumped out of the water in one breath. These fish and the splashing water fell into the bay together, and the boat ticket sank into the water.


The cry of sorrow of the boy resounded all around
The steward boy trembled and looked back at his master.
The girl just stood there.
Without expression and saying nothing, he just stood there, staring at the boy with straight eyes. It's like the tranquility on the eve of a storm.

"Do you have anything else to say?"

She finally squeezed out this sentence, and then the boy seemed to be like a broken radio, and whispered repeatedly: I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's like a sinner with his body curled up, waiting for the sentence.


The girl yelled with all her strength and kicked wisely at the same time, which made people wonder where that petite body was so powerful. The boy's body flew into the air exaggeratedly, and fell into the water with a puff.
The young man who fell into the water seemed to be unable to swim. He slapped his hands on the water violently and asked for help on the shore.

"Please, please help...I...Miss..."

"Look for the ferry ticket now, don't come up if you can't find it."

"But... I can't... swim..."

"I know"

"Then you still..."

The slapping stopped, and the boy gradually sank into the water

The crew, who was just sitting on the sidelines, didn't look good, and immediately called the other crew members and pulled the boy up.
But the girl's anger has not yet subsided, and she intends to continue kicking the boy down.

"Here, this guest, please calm down"

The shipping crew tried desperately to persuade the girl

"How do you tell me to calm down! I came here on behalf of my father who was suddenly in a hurry"

She stared at the boy coldly.

"There is an important business to discuss on the ship. If you can't get on the ship, you say how you will be responsible."

The teenager who was still coughing heard these words, and his pale face lost even more blood.
The shipping staff couldn’t stand it anymore and decided to help him.

"Could you please show me the invitation letter first?"

The girl glared at the boy and stopped his movements. Then she took out the invitation letter impatiently and handed it to the shipping staff. After checking the passenger list in the invitation letter several times, the shipping staff said

"The Baron Kreis Reinhards on the invitation letter is indeed on the passenger list. You two are here instead of the Baron.
Baron daughter and his mediocre person, right? "

"Yes, this lady is the eldest daughter of Baron Rex Reinhardz-Celia Reinhardz"

The crew bowed to her and continued

"Then, Miss Reinhardz, don't care about the ferry tickets, please board the ferry directly."

"Oh, is it okay?"

"Yes, please get on board"

In fact, this kind of matter cannot be decided by oneself before asking the superior for instructions, but in order to solve the current situation, the shipping staff thinks this is the most appropriate move.

"It looks like you've got your life back, bug!"

After a cold glance at the boy again, the girl got on the boat

The teenager dragged his luggage and hurriedly followed behind him. He desperately thanked the shipping crew, and the other party responded with his sympathy and encouragement.

After uploading, the two didn't say a word, as if they knew where to go, and quickly arrived at their guest room.

When they got to the room, they looked around immediately, and after the general inspection...


The girl prolonged the tone word by word, not feeling any tension at all.

"Ha~~~~ Woo"

She yawned, and her slightly tired eyes showed only innocence and cuteness, and she was not like the same person as the arrogant young lady just now.

"Xiao Na is exhausted, I'm going to sleep~~"

After throwing the plush toy on the bed, the girl jumped onto the bed herself, and now her behavior is very commensurate with her age...No, it should be more innocent than her age.

The boy's side...

"Don't relax, it's just the beginning."

His cold tone changed suddenly, and he couldn't feel any emotions. He gently pushed the drenched bangs to the left, exposing his eyes, his eyes were completely lifeless, but they were sharp as if they were staring at their prey.

The young man exuded a cold feeling all over his body, which made people wonder where the timid housekeeper had gone. The degree of change is no less than that of a girl.


"Little Si, what you did was really bad just now"

The girl lying on the bed said lightly.
The young man seemed to know it in his heart. After a moment of silence, he said:

"Does not hinder the execution of the task."

"Your reaction is too exaggerated. In order to cooperate with you, Cortana is very tired... and we are too conspicuous."

Judging from the content of the conversation, she seemed to want to complain, but her weak voice only made people think it was a dream.

That's right, this kind of interaction is the real face of these two people, the housekeeper and the eldest lady just now are just disguise.
If a commotion is caused before the ship sails, it will hinder the mission. That’s why I sneaked in under the disguise of my identity
Through the intelligence network of the "organization", identify the VIPs who have no time to participate in advance, and then call themselves "daughters"

Although the paper used in the invitation letter is of high quality, the printing format is quite uniform, and only the name will make the difference. This is obviously the result of the businessman's pursuit of rationality. Therefore, it is quite easy to forge.
In contrast, the ticket uses Urnu's latest anti-counterfeiting technology, which is too risky for forgery. So, in summary, they played the play just now.
The removal of the boat ticket was deliberately done by the teenager, and the wind blowing at the time, as well as the fish that gathered in groups, were all driven by the girl quietly using the tactical force in the doll.
As a result, they successfully mixed in.

The boy’s name is "Three of Swords" (Three of Swords)
The girl’s name is "Nine of Swords"
They are killers


At the scheduled departure time, the passenger ship departed
Gazing at the distant shore, "Sword Three"—Three said in a voiceless voice

"It has been confirmed that the target is on the ship. Have you investigated the enemy's location and course of action?"

"No problem~"

In a tone that is completely opposite to Three, with a longer ending, the partner girl "Sword Nine" standing next to him—-Nine replied

[Organization] The task assigned to them is to assassinate the organizer of this voyage-the rich businessman: Hador Barn.
Although it was an "assassination", it didn't matter whether it was killed quietly without being known to the police or the police and guerrillas did not notice. Efficiency is the rule.
It's just that, in any case, it is to avoid the smooth arrival of Hador in the Republic of Kalvard. He has a close relationship with the criminal organization of the Republic [Black Moon], and it would be very difficult for him to get under the protection of those guys.

Except for the area where the engine is located, the ship can be divided into three main layers.
Most of the bottom floors are guest rooms. Three's room is of course also here. On the second floor is the lobby, where dinners and parties are held here. Then, although there are several VIP rooms on the third floor, they have now been booked by Hador. His room is in the deepest part of the third floor.
After taking care of the equipment, the two began to move. First, you must move to the second floor, but before that, you must not forget to leave a small gift.
It's just dinner time, and the second floor is full of passengers. Here are basically rich nobles, and the dishes are therefore quite luxurious. Hador didn't come to the hall, so he was on guard.

Three whispered. At this moment, there was an explosion from the floor below.
Although the passengers were upset for a while, they quickly calmed down, and the guards quickly rushed to the first floor.
The explosion just now was a small bomb set by Three in an unoccupied room. Although its power was not very good, if the surrounding combustion aids detonated together, it would be enough to cause an unusually small fire and just enough to provoke the guards.


"We should go up~~"

In a still very relaxed tone, Nine whispered to the partner next to her.

He lifted the skirt of the tuxedo a little, and shook it from side to side. Several black spherical objects rolled off the floor.

With this muffled noise, the hall was filled with smoke.

"Why, what's going on! Cough! Cough!"

"My eyes... tears..."

It’s smoke screens and tear gas. These smokes are neither lethal, nor very effective, but they still cause chaos in the lobby.
Next, Three and Nine came to the third floor to start their operations. When the guard on the first floor wants to go to the third floor, he will inevitably pass through the second floor. At this time, if the people on the second floor are in chaos, you can buy a lot of time.

The current plan is proceeding very smoothly. But this does not mean that Hador will let them easily succeed. Three and Nine lowered their bodies and hid on the stairs in front of the third floor, observing the situation on this floor.

"Three, four~~~ There are almost five people in the hallway?~~"

Three nodded and agreed with the whispering Nine. Judging from the other costumes, they were neither crew nor passengers. They hold weapons and, judging from their facial expressions, they are veterans accustomed to fighting.

"The original hunter..." Three considered

Since they are not the guards on the ship, it should be right to treat them as Hardor's personal bodyguards. There is only such a corridor leading directly to his room, and it seems that he is about to fight.

"Then Cortana will go first~~~"
As if being seen through his mind, Nine said so and walked forward slowly. It seems that she neither intends to hide, nor does she want to rush to launch a surprise attack.
The bodyguards noticed the small footsteps and looked at Nine who came up. Maybe it was her cute appearance, or the inability to feel hostility from her, they didn't treat her as an enemy at all.

"Little sister, no traffic is allowed on this floor."

"Ah, yes, it seems that something noisy is happening downstairs, but this is not a refuge, please leave."

Although the tone is slightly rude, as far as the hunters performing the protection task are concerned, they are already quite polite.

"People want to enter that room, can't they?"

Nine said this, and pointed her finger at the room where Hador was located. She was not playing the wayward lady who was at the boarding gate during the day, but used a soft tone with a natural attitude and a little sleepy.

"Do you want to meet the boss of Hador? It's a pity, the boss said that now no one sees."

"Is it really bad?"

Seeing him tilting his head slightly, the two bodyguards couldn't help smiling.

"Yes, it's no good"

"It's such a pity"

Without showing a pity at all, Nine moved her right hand to the doll she was holding, and then quickly threw her hand forward.

Suddenly a few thin silver rays flashed across, and then two bodyguards fell to the ground.

Taking a closer look, there are two needles inserted into the back of the two people's head, a total of four

This is the poisonous needle weapon that Nine is good at. She throws the poisonous needle that is usually hidden in the doll, and makes it penetrate into the specific position of the meridian, so that toxins can flow all over the body and exert an effect. She can remove dozens of toxins according to the situation. Choice, sometimes it’s not toxins in the needle. The neurotoxin that was used just now was paralyzed. Although it was not fatal, they would not be able to move anymore.


Realizing that the situation was not right, a bodyguard turned around and caught a shadow approaching him quickly with the corner of his eye. Before correctly realizing what it was, the white sword light had already flashed, and immediately fell to the ground.

The one that flashed past is Three

He is holding a long sword in his hand. The blade is thinner, and the structure of the tip is like an eastern sword, but the blade is not bent back. The jaw of the sword is also missing a part, forming a complicated structure.

But in this way, the remaining two bodyguards are ready to fight.


The man raised the axe over his head and chopped down. Three used his sword under the crotch, and the two sides stood in a stalemate.

Unwilling to let this opportunity pass, another man drew his sword like Three cut it over.

Three's right hand remained motionless, and with his left hand he took out the other sword that was wrapped around his waist, removing the opponent's attack.

The appearance of the second sword is quite similar to the long sword in the right hand, but it has no jaws and is a bit shorter than it. It may be more appropriate to say that it is a short sword for body protection than for fighting.

Due to the physique difference between the two sides and the need to free up the other hand, Three was almost overwhelmed by the man with the axe. At this moment, he deliberately moved his body and sword to the side, causing him to jump into the air. While the man's body was leaning forward, Three pierced his body with the short sword of his left hand.

When the man with the sword was about to chop him again, Three pushed the injured man with the axe in his direction. Suddenly, the sword-wielding man was distracted, and Three used two swords to hack and kill the last bodyguard.

"Well, now--"

Just when he was about to say "all solved" and looking back at Nine, he saw that the guest room behind Nine was about to be opened from the inside. The hunters armed with weapons are planning to come out, and the other target must be the unsuspecting Nine in the rear.

Three's position was too late to warn him. Just as he was about to pass, his movements stopped in the next second.

——The same goes for the enemy who is about to come out of the guest room.

"Oh, it's kind of sharp."

As if knowing in advance that things would develop into this way, Nine looked back calmly

There were several red horizontal lines on the hands and feet of the hunters protruding from the room, and blood was dripping from them.

"It's better for you not to move~ If you move around, your flesh will be cut off one by one~"

What she said did not match her appearance and expression when she was young, and the hunting soldiers knew that this sentence was by no means a mere threat. So he didn't dare to go one step further.

Steel wire, these steel wires have been specially processed, and their sharpness can match that of a blade after being tightened. These sharp steel wires are set at the door of the guest room. Since the steel wire is not easy to be noticed, if he rushes out like this, blood will be splashed directly.

Needless to say, the tip of the steel wire is wrapped around this special-shaped pointed tip, which is of course one of Nine's weapons. According to rumors, someone can use these difficult-to-manipulate steel wires to ravage the enemy, but unfortunately, Nine has no such ability. However, the skill of using the needle and the deadly combination in traps like her has confirmed that it also poses no small threat.

As if the outcome had been decided and the aftermath had begun to be cleaned up, Nine threw the steel wire out and the hunters fell to the ground.

Only at this moment didn't seem to notice that Three was looking at herself, Nine tilted her head slightly.

"Huh? What's wrong, Stoudemire?"

"It's nothing"

With a cold answer, he turned around.

This time they are finally going to step into the room where Hador Barn is.


This room is simply enough to call it the VIP room in the VIP room, it is very spacious.
Hador Barn sat on the sofa, gently brought the wine glass to his mouth, and then frowned.
"It's really a bunch of rice buckets, it really is just a down-and-out hunter, and the ability is not worth the money I paid."
He has a very correct understanding of the current situation.
In front of him were two children. He had already ordered no one to come in, and he had a clear heart when the chaos outside became a mess. It may seem unbelievable from the outside, but the two of them really wanted to kill their own assassins.
Even though he knew the current situation very well, Hador still did not show the slightest anxiety. The reason why he hasn’t been shaken is probably the one in front of him [that]
In this overly spacious room, [that] alone can make the room narrow. This tall 2 sub-rectangular object, like a six-legged spider, crawls on the ground. It's just that its upper body stood upright, and four arms-like things stretched out from the body. It reflects the light of metal all over, quietly exuding a sense of oppression that fills the entire room.

"It's so big~"

Nine was looking up at it and sighed

"Puppet weapon?"

Immediately Three was ready to fight.

"Oh, this was bought at a high price at the Black Auction. I like it very much. I don’t know which organization brought him into the market. However, it has excellent performance and high price. I also spent a lot of Mira to transform it. At present, even a small army can't match it!"

Just like showing off a toy, Hador smiled very happily

"Those desolate hunters are just in charge of patrols. This is my real bodyguard! As long as it is by my side, no one on this ship can move me. Then I went to the Republic and saw the guys in Black Moon. Another problem!"

With that said, Hador laughed more excitedly again

"Huh, stupid"

"This person is really stupid~"

They are not too much believe in their own strength. Even if their mission fails, as long as the [Organization] still targets this person, even Black Moon's shelter will not spare him.

"Fuck me————!"

Its first target was Three, so it rushed straight towards him. Nine starts to drive the force guide. Unlike Three, who is good at handover, she is more familiar with the use of force guides and the arrangement of long-distance needle and thread combinations for attacks or traps.

But one arm of the puppet weapon turned into a muzzle, and it began to fire at Nine.


She barely escaped the bullet, but the driving force guide was also interrupted. Three slashed at him with a long sword, and the attention of the puppet weapon returned to him. Nine quickly moved to the opposite side of Three, driving the force guide again.

However, the muzzle was aimed at her. In order to dodge, she had to interrupt the drive again. It seems that this puppet weapon is equipped with extremely high-performance sensors, which can detect the driving force. Once it responds, it will launch an attack. .

The action was interrupted twice, Nine looked a little unhappy, and her arms around the doll became stronger.

"Xiaona quit it~ I'm not suitable to deal with it, the rest is left to you."

The poison can't work against the machinery, and the force guide has been unable to drive successfully, Nine has nothing to do this time.

Three quickly sorted out the current situation, muttered "no way", and set his posture again.

"Then call me up after the battle, Xiaona is asleep..."

Nine found a suitable sofa, laid a doll as a pillow, and was ready to sleep


Three yelled, but Nine didn't respond. Maybe she thought she would not pose a threat now, and the puppet weapon only focused on attacking Three now.

The four hands of the puppet weapon were transformed into a sword, spear, axe, and halberd, and they attacked Three continuously like raging waves. Cut with the sword, and if it misses, use the spear to stab, and then use the axe to sweep in the direction of the opponent. The less-used halberd is to guard in the direction of Hador to prevent enemies from approaching him.

Although Three was originally good at moving quickly and slashing, but due to the balance and explosive power of the puppet weapon's six legs, it can bring it far more agility than half of its metal body. In addition, it has more arms than Three, which means it has more tricks to use. As for this opponent, he was completely unable to play to his strengths. Although he was not like Nine, the characteristics of this opponent were still difficult for him to deal with.

Three began to challenge with two swords. Facing an opponent whose size and skill were far better than his own, his left dagger was responsible for the defense. He took off the attack from the opponent and changed the direction. Then once there was a flaw, he used a wider range of attacks. Attacked with a long sword in his right hand.

The fierce offensive and defensive battle continued for a while. Although hitting the arms and body of the puppet weapon several times while taking advantage of the gap, these attacks only made the sound of being bounced off.

"Huh ha ha ha, it's useless, kid!"

"Its armor is specially made, you can't destroy it"

In fact, Three's attack can indeed be said to be ineffective. Although he is not injured much at the moment, it will only get worse if this continues.

At this moment, Nine, who was sleeping, suddenly made a sound.

"Analysis complete"

Nine just lay on the sofa with her eyes closed, and continued, her voice sounded less emotional than usual.

"Arms, the first joint is down 5 miles. The second joint is up 3 miles"

"Waist, center of rotation. Left chest, top two-fifths, left one-fifth"

Hearing these words, the first thing that reacted was not Three, but Hador. He looked anxiously with big feet.

"You, you! Why do you know its structure! And even its...!"

Nine calmly got up from the sofa, rubbed her eyes, and replied in her usual tone.

"You'll know as soon as you listen, but you have to pay attention~"


Hador looked incredulous. Three calmly watched all this, he naturally knew that Nine was sleeping just to analyze this stuff. He has also been waiting for this moment when the analysis is over.

"Xiao Si~ This should be solved now~"


Three instantly arched up, rushed over at a faster speed than before, and quickly swung his long sword. The puppet weapon was bathed in countless attacks, and every attack hit the position Nine had just reported. Then he moved the short sword forward, and in exactly the same order as before, attacked the puppet weapon with the short sword once again——

However, the result was the same as before, only a harsh metallic sound was left, and the other party still looked undamaged.


Hador sneered.

"Suddenly being known by you about the weakness made me panic, but it seems that it's useless if you know it, you can't destroy his armor!"
"I'm just preparing"

After speaking, Three connected the hilt of the short sword in his left hand to the jaw of the long sword in his right hand-the two swords.

Looking at it this way, the two swords seem to be one in the first place. Regardless of the sword body or the missing jaw, it has just recovered its balance and turned into a sword.

Hador was dumbfounded, but he recovered immediately and smiled.

"What kind of weird toy sword is this, I thought I could break it like this?"

As Hador said, even if the two swords are combined, the length of the blade does not increase, and the sword will not be sharper. As the weight increases, the power may increase, but it is not known whether it can penetrate the armor, and it is not surprising that it is used as a toy.

Three did not answer, but silently wielded the two-in-one sword, avoiding the attack of the puppet weapon. After just a few rounds, he knew the attack methods of the puppet weapons well, and easily avoided them. Then he hit the weak spot on the foot he had just attacked.

A loud noise! There was an explosion. With the sound of the explosion, the puppet’s weapon exploded. The explosion seemed to have occurred from the inside. It is reminiscent of the flames emitted when the propeller drives the fire seven obsidian, but Three and Nine did not. Driven. The sensor of the puppet weapon did not respond.


Hador looked wrong

There was another loud noise, and the other foot exploded.

"What's going on! What's going on!"

The cry is getting louder and louder, and Hador appears more and more flustered

"This sword"

Three said expressionlessly, but his attack did not stop.

"This sword has a force guiding device. They are one piece. There is only one attack that can be driven. It explodes at the designated location, but both of my swords have to hit together. This is preparation."

"The last merged sword strikes again, it will drive the force guide in the sword"

Replace the position and timing considered in the normal driving of the force guide by your own actions, and then cooperate with the automatic program of the dedicated force guide and the weapon, so that the driving process is omitted. Although the preparation is a little troublesome, With Three's skillful, fast, and precise multi-stage attacks, the launch time far exceeds the time required to drive the force guide. It also avoids the unfavorable factor of limited movement when driving the force guide under normal circumstances. Sophisticated modification, as well as this precision and speed, are the three weapons, the true strength of Three.

Of course, being able to provide such accurate information to Three, Nine’s terrifying analysis capabilities should not be underestimated.

"What... this, this kind of innocent stuff!!!"

The puppet weapon was full of sparks. After being figured out, it was now a living target, and the weak spot was constantly detonated by Three's multiple attacks. Has suffered a lot of damage.

Knowing that his chances of winning are very few, Hador immediately began to prepare to escape, the puppet weapon received a new order, and turned around to go in the direction of Hedor.

"Don't run away~"

Unknowingly, its spider-like feet have been tightly entangled with steel wires, forming a five-flowered tied state.


Three launched a stormy attack on the remaining weak points in one breath, and gave it the final blow with the merged sword. The puppet weapon has been destroyed many times, and it has been unable to lock Three. After several explosions, the destroyed parts spread in the room, and finally stopped functioning and shattered all over the floor.

Stepping on the wreckage of the machine all the way, Three quietly walked towards Hador.

"Ah, ah—"

Although nothing can hinder him from achieving his goal, Three still has no expression on his face, his eyes are cold, and he can't see the joy of victory.

One step closer

The sword becomes heavy

One step closer

The footsteps have also become heavy, and he doesn't seem to want to move forward anymore

Another step

It's okay, it's the same as usual. After a while, he will change back to [Mechanical] again, just like the thing I dealt with just now, just execute the order.

last step

He spit out cold words again

"Actually, it doesn't make much sense to tell you this, but at least let you know who you curse after you go to hell."

"I am Three, Three of Swords"

The sword pierced the heart. The blood splashed like a fountain.

"I am... [organization] person"


The chaos in the lobby on the second floor has calmed down, and the guards on board plan to go to the third floor. Perceiving the movement outside, Three and Nine broke the window and jumped into the sea.

"Fortunately, it's not a flying ship~ If you are in the air, you can't escape like this."


Three just whispered back

They couldn't make such plans and preparations until they had a high-performance dedicated airship that could allow them to jump off. But in this world, I wonder if anyone would perform this task? What is the timing of the calculation?

"Little Si~~"

Nine leaned over and called Three softly.

"That guy is a bad guy, a profiteer, a profiteer~ he killed a lot of people~"

She looked at the boat, and it was self-evident who she was talking about.

"Ok, I know"

He knew it when he flipped through the information before the task. People like him have done everything for money, and his existence will only bring misfortune to others, except that he is just solving a bug in society. but--

"But, it has nothing to do with this"

This is not an excuse. Whether it is a good or a wicked person, the [organization] will kill as long as it asks. This has always been the case.


After Nine said this, she stopped talking.

She took out something from the doll, and then blew into it. After a while, she could see that it was a rubber boat for one person.

This time Nine used the doll as a pillow again and lay on the rubber dinghy.

"Then Cortana is going to sleep, I will trouble you next~~"

The meaning of this sentence is that you are responsible for pushing it to the shore

Three's gloomy face seemed a little relaxed, then frowned

"Swim by yourself"

Although Three was complaining, but seeing his sleeping posture, he was relieved for some reason.

Three and Nine have been partnering for more than a year.

Three is a little older than him, and he sometimes treats the slightly innocent Nine as his younger sister. It is also a reliable partner when performing tasks.

But Three knew very well.

For this girl who is like a sister and a partner————

It must not be trusted.


"They" are chasing me
The people I killed
Even though the head was cut off by me, the heart was dug out by me, and the body was cut in half by me, countless corpses still chased me.
A certain politician, a certain nobleman, a certain businessman, a certain rich man, it's all the same.

Don't... come over, don't come over! do not come! ! !

I wield my sword desperately
Keep slashing, slashing and slashing, and blowing them up again--
However, "they" kept chasing them
Even if they were cut into pieces of meat, even if bones were blown out, those internal organs, those stomachs, lungs, brains, intestines, and heart still kept squirming towards me. They climbed faster and faster, they turned into blood waves and wanted to engulf me.

I start to run, run forward, run away run away run away
Then, "that guy" suddenly came before my eyes. "That guy" I killed
"You dare to kill me!!!"
He ran into me and tightened my neck
Let me go, let me go, let me go! !
I struggled desperately, but couldn’t break free. The rotting liquid dripped onto my body and my skin melted.
Then, I was overwhelmed by the blood wave behind...

Why, why, I just want to change back to a "person"--

I suddenly woke up.
Gasping for breath and sweating all over, I resisted the constant surge of vomiting
This is the first time, the night after completing the task, it has been like this
No matter how many times it is executed, the feeling of killing someone will always be like this
There is always a feeling of touching the bone with the blade on the palm of the hand, and the blood of the target will never be wiped clean.
But i have to do it

We are tools.

Can't have one's own will

We just have to kill and obey the instructions

[Organization] We will kill whoever we want to kill. This is the only meaning we have been given to.

If you refuse to obey orders or want to leave, it means that this is "cleansed"


The killer group in this dark world, even the real name is not even mentioned.

[Organization] Generally considered to be a group dealing with assassinations, but maybe it has another purpose. But what is its purpose? It belongs to the bottom of the [organization]. As a tool, I don't know.

Almost all members of [Organization] have been affiliated with [Organization] since childhood. [Organization] "Collecting" children with innocent backgrounds everywhere, and let them receive combat training in "training centers". Many of them "leave the team" midway because they cannot withstand the harsh training, but if they are lucky enough to survive, they will be given "names" and formally become grassroots personnel.

I was one of them. I was forced to join at the age of 7 and left the "training center" at the age of 10.
The original name was abandoned after entering the "training center". You must never mention your name to others, as you will be punished severely just by opening your mouth. There is no "self", I just play the role of "an alternate among many tools" to survive.

After becoming a member of [Organization], I finally got my own name. But this just proves that I am also a "tool". We are named after the "small card" of the "Tarot". Among the 56 cards, the name of one of the cards will be assigned to the bottom personnel, and my name is the "Sword" in the card, Three of Sword. Cold names, but it's better to have one than none.

In addition, cadres and some people with special powers will be assigned the "big name" name. It is said that their combat effectiveness far surpasses those of our low-level personnel, and they have the strength that high-level guerrillas can also sigh.

I left the dormitory room to spy on the movement of the next room. Nine seems to be still sleeping. Now it was time to report, so I left the dormitory directly.

[Organization] The bottom personnel basically act in groups of two. My partner is a girl who has the name Nine of Sword-Bao Jian Jiu and is one year younger than me. It usually takes three to five years for the average person to leave, and some people even “leave the team” halfway through the “training center”. Her genius only took one year. Collecting intelligence, analyzing intelligence, acting, sneaking... She has all-round outstanding talents, and her special style of fighting with needle and thread, and her unexpected attack method can easily give her an advantage in battle. As far as the assassination is concerned, she is much more suitable than me. After teaming up with me, although she didn't fit well at the beginning, she has become the most reliable partner in the mission.

——At the same time, I am the person who can't relax my vigilance the most.

In addition to allowing us to help each other and cooperate to accomplish tasks, the two-person system also has another meaning for us to monitor each other.
In [organization], betrayal thinks this is "death". There is no reason, only the "tool" general life is waiting for us. But there is a special rule in [organization]. First, detect in advance the partner's intention to betray the organization, and present evidence like a high-level report. Kill that partner again. If these two conditions can be fulfilled, as a reward, the [organization] will open up a network and let this person get free from the [organization].

Even if he ran away, he didn't know when he would be killed by the [organization] chasing soldiers. Since you want to be free, the action of multiple surveillance partners is much more convenient than the confirmation of escape. To take a step back, even if the partner does not intend to betray the [organization], as long as the fabricated evidence is not dismantled, they will be free.

The most important thing to watch is not the enemy, but the partner next to him. Don't think about betraying the [organization], but stare at whether your partner has betrayed. This is a necessary condition for our survival. I have personally experienced the importance of this matter...

Three years ago, I tried to escape [organization]. To be precise, it is "we". My partner at the time, Ace of Sword.

Ace is one year older than me and is a bold guy. He is kind to others, and he has a special affinity with me. Since teaming up together, he is like half of my elder brother. He can easily slaughter enemies with a huge sword that is as high as a human, and sometimes uses the sword as a shield to protect me from enemy attacks. Just like his name, Ace is quite strong.

Ace hates killing as much as I do. We who also hate killing will naturally decide to escape [organization]. Because he was betrayed by his partner, he could not betray the [organization]. That being the case, just betray the [organization] with your partner. In this way, both of them can leave successfully. After making this conclusion, we began to plan our escape.

In order to avoid being discovered by other teams, we decided to implement a plan for a mission that traveled far away.

At first, it was smooth. We are as far away as possible from the normal activity area, so after entering the Erebonian Empire, we feel safe.

However, we did not expect that there will also be [organization] eyeliner there. The other teams quickly caught up to us, so we started fighting. Even so, through cooperation, we successfully repelled the two groups of pursuers.

But the third wave of chasers is not a low-level combatant like us, but a "manager."
In the face of the overwhelming power of the manager, Ace and I have nothing to do. We were badly injured and we managed to save our lives and leave there.
We have nothing to refund. If we meet the enemy again, we will be dead. Ace and I are leaning against each other in the cave, and even if there is no conversation between the two of us, we know that we are not far away from death.

"I said Ace."
"What's wrong, buddy"

This was also the last conversation before my death, and I slowly searched for sentences.

"I think this is also good"


"Even if not willing and reconciled"

Ace quietly waited for me to continue

"Even so, I think it's not bad to be able to fight with you before you die. It's much better than being a "tool" to continue killing people."

Yinghuo swayed. After a long silence, Ace whispered:

"Really, thank you these days, buddy."

"I should thank you for your care."

All that should be said now is finished. No matter what the enemy verifies, I can fight to the last minute.



I have the illusion of a sudden change in atmosphere. Ace's voice sounds very cold.

"Go to die for me—"

For a while, I couldn't understand the meaning of this sentence. I immediately interpreted these words as "Let’s fight to death together". In order to confirm to him, I turned to the direction where Ace was, and what caught my eyes was--

——The great sword about to be swung down.

I immediately avoided his attack, and the floor I was stepping on the moment before was broken.

"Why!? Ace!!"

"Why do you still ask? In the rules of [Organization], about the last partner, have you forgotten?"

The last rule. I recalled the rule that I hadn't paid attention to. I thought I wouldn't have anything to do with it.

——When the two groups betray [Organization] together, as long as one of them kills the partner and presents his body to [Organization], [Organization] will forgive him.

In other words, if two desperate traitors kill each other, one of them will survive. Then, Ace was planning to do so.

Even if I understand his intention, I can only repeat that sentence.

"Why... Ace——!"

"Partner, being able to form a team with you is my only salvation in these hellish days. I want to become a human again with you and be free together"

"Then we—"

"Even so, I still can't die! I have to survive!!"

Ace yelled so, brandishing a huge sword and slashing at me. The great sword that saved my life several times is now approaching to take my life.

"For me, go to hell!! Three——!!!"


I followed with the sword

Engulfed by sadness and despair, I can only follow my instinct to fight the "enemy" in front of me...



Me, I have forgotten how to fight after that. Anger and sadness dominate my actions. I am as brutal as a beast, slashing desperately, screaming and smashing the people in front of me. When I came back to my senses, Ace's body was right in front of my eyes...

In this way, I became the prop of [Organization] again, and I live to this day.

I didn't give up my desire to become a human being, but at the same time I couldn't believe in humans again. I became a half-hearted.


It was still dark and there were no pedestrians in the street. Three who left the dormitory breathed the cold air into his lungs, trying to get rid of the depression in his chest.
This is Rosenthal, a border town in the Duchy of Remifila. For Three and Nine, who are active in the Principality and Republic, it can be regarded as half a stronghold. If you go east, you can see the border checkpoint of the Republic, and if you go west, you can lead to a dangerous mountain road that few people know, but there is still a way to bypass the checkpoint and head to the Republic.

In order to make a report, Three walked towards the designated place alone. There are small hills lined with weathered rocks. Because it is located deep in the mountains, there is no human population.
There was a dark figure waiting for him—no, it should be said that it was a man in black.
His whole body was wrapped in a tattered robe, and his facial features and body shape were indistinguishable. Although this costume is peculiar, it alone can give the surrounding space an inexplicable sense of oppression.

"I'm here to report, "Manager"."

"Go on"

The man with the name called "Manager" is Three's boss, one of the cadres of the [organization]. Although he has the name of the Emperor, he is often referred to as the "manager" within the [organization].

As his "manager" is called, he is responsible for the management of three low-level combatants. It is him who assigns tasks, accepts reports, and directly uses these "tools".

Three will report to the "manager" the tasks on the passenger ship a few days ago, after the report is over.

"carry on"

"Okay, about Nine's actions."

He began to report his partner's actions.

As part of the regular report, the [organization] will order them to monitor their partners and then report individually. If your own action report does not match the partner's surveillance report, the [organization] will immediately become suspicious. By reporting individually, the betrayal may be known to the organization without knowing it. The fear this incident brought them is also one of the reasons [organization] adopted this method.

"End of report"

"Sure. The next task will be notified separately."

"Okay, then I'm leaving."

When Three was about to leave, a low voice suddenly stopped him from behind.


He turned his head, still unable to see the "manager" face

"Three years have passed, you shouldn't plan that kind of thing anymore, right?"

His back instantly chilled. The murderous intent was suffocating and struck Three.
Needless to say, the "event" naturally refers to Three's attempted escape three years ago.
The "manager" Emperor often executes the "cleanup" himself. In the face of his overwhelming power, the traitor was helpless and could only be brutally killed. This incident also made him a feared object in the [organization].

It was him who pushed Three and Ace into desperation three years ago. The "manager" is now exuding the same murderous aura as he did at the time, forcing Three.

Isn't he aware of his attempt? Impossible, I have been very careful. If he really had the evidence, I would have died long ago. He is...testing me, if he can't keep calm, it's over!

"You laughed...I can't do that kind of stupid behavior anymore, I'm just a murder weapon"

Breathing is natural and not messy. After calculation and a lot of training, the angles of the corners of the mouth and the line of sight are just right... Everything is done perfectly.

There was a long silence, and then the "manager" spoke.

"That's good"

After that, the heavy murderous aura in his whole body dissipated, and the pressure Three felt no longer existed.

"I look forward to your performance"

"Yes, I must live up to expectations"

This time, Three left smoothly

"Finally survived...huh..."

Three who returned to the dormitory sighed and fell on the bed. I didn't do anything laborious, but I was very tired. The interaction with the "manager" was so exhausting.

This is not surprising. Because he hides his true intentions.
That's right, Three is planning to escape [organization] again. Although these three years could not take away his free will. On the contrary, his vision of "people" is increasing day by day.

The blood-stained hands became heavier and uglier. Oneself is a "tool" with a human appearance. But if this continues, even the "tool" can no longer describe himself, and he will become a "device" only for murder, just like a "monster". This kind of future is terrible.

——I definitely want to escape smoothly this time!
In order to successfully execute the plan, he must avoid direct conflict with the "manager" and completely hide his intention to escape under the supervision of his partner.

This of course means that he must leave Nine alone. This partner who has shared his life and death many times. This girl is younger than herself, and she is full of talents and lacks roots. Unbelievably, there was a feeling in Three's heart that couldn't let her go. Although he wanted to tell Nine about this several times, whenever he wanted to do so, the Ace who held the huge sword high at him would come to his mind.

I don't want to experience that kind of tragedy! ! and so……
...Just keep the status quo.
Putting aside distractions, Three continued to prepare this escape plan.

"I can only believe in myself"


At dusk, when the sun is slanting west.
The time for implementation is tonight. After Nine falls asleep, he will leave the town and cross the border on a mountain road. To enter the Republic, he has to drive the pilot car forward, so he has rented the car in advance and will drive to the northern metropolis by then. Go there and take a regular boat to Liber.
After that, he hasn't decided yet. He might stay in Liber, or go to Leman again. Even if I’m just a little guy and I can’t figure out the whole picture of the [organization], I must escape this time.
Just as Three was so inspiring himself in his heart, a crow entered the room through the window and hovered inside.

"this is……"

Three frowned when he saw the unique decoration hung on its feet, which means--
"Administrators" are calling them

"It's all so late?"

Only a few hours passed after the report was completed.

"The order of the new mission?"

Three was unspeakably uneasy, but he couldn't ignore this order. If the plan went well, he would have been a considerable distance away when the chasing troops were dispatched. But if he refuses to summon and flees now, so that they are aware of his rebellious intentions, the chasing soldiers will immediately follow him. Then everything will be over.

After making up his mind, Three set off for the designated location.

The meeting place was still the hill in the deep mountain in the morning. In stark contrast to the unpleasant silence in the morning, looking from a distance, the rocks under the afterglow of the setting sun seemed to burn again.

There were two figures waiting for her.

One of them is the "manager". As always, he wore a tattered robe, not so much the Emperor, but more like the Hermit-hermit. The other person is Nine, a girl holding a huge doll. The dress she was wearing was somewhat similar to the dress a few days ago, but with less decoration, she looked a little more mobile.

If the "manager" wants to issue a new task order, Nine is also normal here. It's just that there was a different atmosphere from the usual, and Three's anxiety expanded.

"You're here"

"Yes, what can I do?"

Normal interaction. However, everything immediately became different.

"Do you want to explain?"


"The Nine of Sword next to me has reported that you are about to defect."


There is nothing to say, of all the anticipated developments, the worst has come true.

Despair turned into a wave to hit Three. Is it going to repeat the mistakes of the time? I'm going to be betrayed again... No, this time the situation is different. There is no agreement between Nine and I. She is just doing her own responsibility, and I also know that she will do it, so I didn't trust her. The so-called partner is this . It's that simple, everything couldn't be simpler

"She must have misunderstood somewhere!"

Three knows that I'm afraid it will be too late for the party, but he still tries to explain.

"Don't shirk responsibility, Stoudemire~. Oh correction, Three."

Nine finally spoke. Facing Three, her tone instantly lost her original sleepiness, and she appeared more severe.
Nine took out a small piece of paper from the doll and brought it to Three's eyes.

"Here is the ticket you booked. This regular ship will depart for the Kingdom of Liber at noon tomorrow."


After being shocked, he wanted to yell at her "The ticket is on me!", but this is undoubtedly digging his own grave. Next, Nine continued as if answering Three's doubts.

"The ticket on your body is a fake and it has been dropped by me."

It was the same technique used in the previous mission, but I did not expect to become a victim.

"Also, the pseudonym you used to buy the ticket was used in Libel's mission a year ago. It was Rheinz Vogelt, a student at the Royal College of Dennis, right? You still have the same name at the time. The file means that you actually started planning your escape very early, right?"

Nine is really a genius, and this abrupt feeling came to Three in his mind.
Now that she has seen it through, there is no point in continuing to argue.
In time, there is still one thing that Three cannot accept. No matter how strong Nine's sense of responsibility is for this matter, and no matter how smart she is, she is already very cautious in her actions. However, everything was still seen through by her, why on earth?

"Hehe, you seem to just want to ask, why would I see through if you act cautiously, right?"

Nine giggled, and Three could feel her tone sneer.

"Because I have been looking at you! I only have you in my eyes."

This is not sweet talk.

"Look, watch, watcher, watcher...I have been eagerly looking forward to the day when you show your feet, since the moment you became your partner, I have been paying attention to you!"

The more Three listened, the more confused, what exactly did Nine want to say?

"Although you really intend to betray [Organization] now, even if you don't have this idea, I will forge the evidence sooner or later."

Ignoring the existence of the "manager", Nine is such a rant. Three is getting more and more confused. He could understand that she was monitoring herself for work, but from her appearance, she seemed to be malicious towards herself from the beginning...

At this moment, the "manager" who remained silent for a while let out a deep laugh.

"Don't you know who she is?"

Three knows that "she" refers to Nine. But what does he mean by "don't know"?

He looked in the direction of Nine. Three immediately noticed her hateful gaze, he had never felt this kind of feeling in her, so he shivered unconsciously.

"The former partner you killed, Ace of Swords, he—he is my brother."


Suddenly, Three fell into the illusion of sinking into the sea. The vague consciousness made him unable to think normally, and even breathing was very difficult under the pressure that almost overwhelmed him.

"Now I can finally avenge my brother."

Nine, she is Ace's younger sister? She knew it from the beginning. So I have been waiting for opportunities by my side-all this is to avenge me.

Three fell into a daze, as if his mouth had lost the function of speech.

"The answer is almost right, right"

The manager on the side spoke, and his words were full of joy. He seemed to be tasting Three’s pain, despair, loss, and frustration in a special class.

"The next step is to execute the cleanup, go to Nine, according to the rules, you, the informer, must kill your partner with your own hands."

Hearing the words "manager", Nine takes a step forward

"I can help you, and the reward is still yours, but you have to give her the last blow, so that you can be free. Such a talented person, it is a pity to leave."

The manager still excitedly proposed the "reward" mentioned. Naturally, after reporting and killing the partner, the reporter can be "free". Now Nine is about to gain the freedom that Three has long wanted.

"Sorry, please let me come alone. I want to avenge my brother myself."

"Hehehe, okay then"

Nine took another step forward. She took out the poisonous needle from the doll and threw it quickly at Three.

Three drew his sword from his waist and swept away the poisonous needle. He should immediately get closer to Nine, but he couldn't move a step. After all, even his defensive actions were his instinctive reaction after a long battle, and he was not aware of his actions. He has no intention of fighting at all. This may be because his opponent is Nine, but before that, the battle itself was meaningless. Even if he could hit Nine, he would definitely not be able to win the "manager" behind her-the Emperor. I am destined to die here...

Nine took out the poison needle again and threw it at Three twice the amount last time. Three took out the second sword and blocked all the poisonous needles.
——Really, I see, this is karma.
Then Nine approached Three immediately, and further attacked.
——No matter what the reason, I survived after killing my friends, how could I pursue "freedom". And the qualifications to change back to people? Three laughed at himself.

Nine's attack uses both needle and thread. It is impossible for Three to give Nine an advantage in close combat, but since he has no intention of fighting, the situation is different. Unknowingly, the steel wire strangled Three's neck.
——In this case, being killed by someone who wants revenge is a natural ending for someone like me.

Nine's fingers moved and the wire tightened.

"it is finally over"

Knowing that his time of death is approaching, Three just quietly waited for the arrival of that moment——

However, that moment has been delayed.


After I was born, my mother died. I live with my father and brother.

Since I am sensible, my father has been very irresponsible. He drank all day long with Mira, who was left by his mother, and did not go to work. When he was in a bad mood, he often confronted us with violence.

The responsibility of taking care of me falls on my brother. Whether at home or outside, my brother will always protect me. Even with this kind of father, as long as I have my brother with me, I can live on. I thought so when I was young.

However, this life did not last long.

My family at home has already finished spending, and my dad wants to ask my brother and me to go out to work. But young children can't make money at all. So my father did an unforgivable thing-"send my brother away". Since then, I have stopped treating my father as a family member. However, because there is no one else to rely on, I can only stay at this home, with a slight expectation, I hope my brother will come back one day.

Then about three years later, one day, I received a letter from my brother. The content is roughly that although his current living environment is harsh, he can still live on. Following the method described in his letter, I can also send a letter to my brother. I was finally able to get in touch with my brother, I was really very happy.

I know that my brother is currently working in an organization called [Organization] and was forced to kill by them. Through his words, I can feel his pain firsthand. [Organization] The management is very strict. The reason why I can communicate with my brother is also thanks to the help of my brother's partner.

My brother often mentioned that "partner" in his letter. He is not only his brother's partner, good friend, but also like a younger brother of the same age. Only when I mentioned that person, I could feel that my brother's tone became a bit more lively. Before I knew it, I wanted to meet that person too. But I can't even see my brother now, so I know it's impossible.

The days when we communicated by letters lasted a while. But the good times didn't last long, and Mira at home was over again. I vaguely knew it was my turn this time. After I told my brother about this, he seemed to have made up his mind and decided to flee the [organization] with his partner. He wrote eloquently such as "I will definitely go back" and "I will save you from this home". After these words and sentences, only two lines at the end of the letter made me very disturbed. "Even if I fail to escape, I will definitely let my partner live. If there are difficulties then, you will find him." This is the last letter I received from my brother.

As a result, my brother did not come back. As I expected, my father "sent me away". Dad seems to have the bad habit of taking certain drugs, and I am afraid that he will spend Mira again soon. At that time, he will welcome his end. But that kind of thing has nothing to do with me, this man has nothing to do with me.

Through the intermediary, I was also taken into the [organization]. Those of us abandoned children seem to be easily locked in by the [organization]. At the same time, I also learned about the death of my brother, just when I entered the "training center". I also know who died because of my brother. I've probably been crazy since then.

In order to escape reality, I train desperately. Working hard, losing himself, becoming a "doll" who can only execute orders, and losing his "heart". Whenever it enters the night, when I think of my brother, my unaccompanied self, and the sea of blood in the future, I tremble with fear and can't sleep all night. But my body's instincts continue to urge me to rest, so I slept for one hour a day. You can sleep for two hours when you are in good condition. But I slept very shallowly and could be awakened by nightmares at any time.

This situation lasted for a year, and I graduated from the "training institute" at an amazing speed.

Then, then I, I met him. The one who used to be the partner of his brother. He once betrayed [the organization], but returned to the organization voluntarily, received "re-education", and then teamed up with me. He was the murderer who killed my brother. I looked at him, tried to hate him, watched him intently and nervously.

After a few days, maybe my tense nerves were too tired, or I instinctively relaxed my guard against him, after a certain task, I actually fell asleep next to him. I haven't slept so soundly for a year. Because he was by my side, I felt at ease inexplicably, just like my brother. After waking up, I watched him guarding beside me without saying a word. He was in danger of being overtaken on the way back from the mission, and he did not wake me up. I looked at him, I slept for a long time, a lot of things came to my heart, I accidentally cried. Crying and crying, I seemed to feel that the shackles in my heart just disappeared. I can feel that I have regained my "heart". He suddenly panicked, questioning me and comforting me, but it only made me cry louder.

He, he is the same as his brother described in his heart. Indifferent, clumsy at words, but actually very gentle and caring about his partner. Even if he was tied to the [organization] and forced to kill by them, he did not give up turning back into a "human" again. He was really strong. However, compared with the him in the letter, he now makes people feel much sadder. It is really hard for me to imagine that a person with his personality would betray his brother in order to survive.

In fact, I read my brother's letter again later, and from the last words, I can easily deduce the facts.

When my brother and him flee, they must have encountered a desperate moment of life and death. Rather than die together, it is better to let one of them live. If one of them kills the other, it is possible. But even if his brother suggested so, he would never agree. Even if he agrees, he definitely intends to sacrifice himself. That's why my brother attacked him unexpectedly and pretended to betray him. In order for him to kill himself and survive. He was betrayed by the person he trusted the most, and he was hit hard...My brother only wanted to let him live, but he didn't think about what the people who survived would think...My brother is really cruel.

After that, after knowing all this, his side became the most relaxing place for me. It's like making up for what I didn't sleep well in the previous year. Whether it is during the day or during a mission, I will sleep next to him whenever I have the opportunity. My actions often make him stunned, but it seems quite interesting compared to how cold he was when he was on duty.

However, I know that he is often disturbed by nightmares. I think what my brother did to him is an important reason. Seeing his frowning and painful face, I almost brought it out several times. But no! The time is immature! Because he... can't act. After all, the "training center" will carry out relevant training, it is not that his movements and expressions are not in place. It’s just that maybe it’s too honest, so it’s often easy to overdo it, or the heat is not enough. It is easy to see through by sharp-eyed people. He must be unsuitable for deceiving by nature. So I must not tell him the truth now.

He has been preparing to leave the [organization] since before. Although helpless, he kept hiding from me, and he still hurt me a little bit. But the problem is not here, the problem is that the [organization] has begun to doubt him. Of course I have never reported anything against him, but if his bad acting skills are seen through by the [organization], it will be irreparable. Even if he hadn't revealed the decisive flaw, it was only a matter of time.

Just when I ended the assassination mission of Hador Barn and was about to report. The man in front of him obviously gave a different feeling. That person is officially the "manager"-the Emperor. The culprit who manages us and forces us to kill. Although his face had been hidden under the robe, his disturbing aura could not be hidden, and now the Emperor seemed to be as excited as an eagle that found its prey.

Can't be wrong! The Emperor had already noticed that he was planning to defect, and I am afraid he would attack Three soon...In this way, I must also implement my plan.

After telling him about my brother, he also asked me to team up with him. The Emperor's intentions were very obvious. He wanted to see me avenge him, frame him, report him, and let him taste despair here, and he himself enjoyed it all. We are both tools of [organization] and toys of the Emperor.
Then as you wish--

After reporting the task, I told the Emperor the partner's rebellious intentions. I further elaborated that I would ask him out and kill him after specifying a time and place, and this was also approved by the Emperor. I still can't see the face hidden under the robe, but his words are full of joy, and I can hear them clearly.

After dusk, he came to the place I designated, under the hills in the deep mountains.

Facing the report that I suddenly got up, he lost his composure, and after I told him about my relationship with my brother, his expression was mixed with consternation, despair and frustration. I was very sad to see his expression. Even so, I still cast a sight full of ridicule, hatred and killing intent on him, and again vilified him. In order to conceal the Emperor beside us, we must not hesitate at all.

In order to attack him, I moved forward. In order to use the steel wire to attack further, I approached him again. But it is my intention to keep a distance from the Emperor.

After receiving his feeble counterattack, I easily forced him to despair. The wire wrapped tightly around his neck, ready to decide the outcome. As long as I work harder, he will die.

Moving my fingers, I said loudly.

"It's all over"

This is my truth, nothing false.

The thin transparent thread mixed in the ordinary steel wire tightened with my movements. Wrapped around the edge of the tree, a complex geometric pattern is formed at the far end to instantly form a circle, which tightly binds the prey in the center.

——At the center is the Emperor, who is completely let down his vigilance, hoping that the toy will be killed.


The sneak attack made at a perfect time successfully tied the Emperor.

This transparent thread is not very sharp. If this is not the case, this trap with a number of sidelines cannot be completed. However, although it is several times stronger than steel wire, I am not sure how long the Emperor will be trapped by it. I immediately tightened the other prepared lines without thinking. The rocks of the hill banged and collapsed. I have checked the vulnerable spots in the nearby stratum before, and moved my hands and feet. The rocks rolled down in great quantities. One of the huge rocks with a length of more than 10 sub-moments. It fell precisely in the direction of the Emperor, and hit the ground with a loud noise and earthquake.

After the landslide ended, the tragedy on the scene was like experiencing an earthquake. Directly hit by a boulder of that weight, even if the Emperor had three heads and six arms, he wouldn't be alive. Even if he wasn't dead, he was buried alive.

Three beside me hasn't understood the current situation yet, with a look of astonishment.

"Little Si~~"

Calling him with a nickname again, I immediately flew into the place that gave me the most peace of mind, his arms. I rubbed my head against his chest, unwilling to let go.

It was the first time that I acted like this with him. I was really scared and nervous just now.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry to say so much... I'm sorry to keep hiding from you..."

Although many things have to be explained to him, I still choose to apologize first.

Even if he hadn't gotten into the situation, he still touched my head.

"Nine, what is this—"

Before he finished saying this, something strange happened

The piled mountains vibrated slightly, and then the small stones slowly floated into the air.


My eyes widened

"Driven by null attributes? Wrong..."

I don't think so... Or is it some kind of device with the same principle as a flying ship? do not know……

Just when I was racking my brains, Three said sternly:

"That's the "manager"... the Emperor's ability!"


Hold your breath unconsciously. This means that the Emperor is not dead yet

"It's time to run, Nine!"

I still didn't react, but he took my hand and ran.

After running a distance, the loud explosion made me look back. As if like a volcanic eruption, the huge delay was thrown into the sky...


Three and Nine hide in a cave in the outer layer of Rosenthal Mountain. Fleeing the "manager"-the Emperor, when they were resting here, Three learned the truth from Nine.

About Ace, herself, this plan, and the truth three years ago.

At first, Three sometimes asked some questions, but after halfway through the conversation, he became silent, and finally lowered his head, unable to see his face.

The best friend who thought to betray him not only didn't betray him at all, but even saved him with his own life. However, he killed him without knowing it, and still held hatred in his heart. This time, it was his sister desperately protecting herself who was supposed to be an enemy...

Thousands of thoughts flooded my mind. He felt relieved and very grateful-there was someone to be trusted in the past, and now there is another one by his side. At the same time, he was very angry at himself, who was sad and hopelessly stupid. Positive feelings and negative feelings are constantly intertwined, leaving him breathless.

"Little Si, are you crying?"

Seeing Three remained silent after she finished speaking, Nine spoke to him

"I didn't cry"

Three's reaction was as cold as usual.

"Do you need Cortana to comfort you?"

"I said I didn't cry."

He said, still reluctant to raise his head

"Although your acting skills are bad, if you don't act, the lies you tell will look even more fake~"

Nine approached Three who was sitting on the ground and gently hugged his head, letting him lean against her chest. Like a mother coaxing a child, gently stroke his head

"It's okay, don't worry~"

"Tell you...I..."

Three wanted to continue to refute, but Nine's caress made him unable to speak.

Even though she is still a young girl in appearance and actual age, Nine shows motherly tolerance and kindness. For Three, who grew up in an environment lacking maternal love, this may be the first time he has felt this way.

"Xiao Si, you have worked very hard, Xiaona is very clear, so don't worry, it's okay~"

Three's voice is trembling

"I... I... I'm really... too shameless"

The words choked up, and the hot tears kept falling.

"Don't say that~"

Nine continued to gently stroke his head.

"Why did someone like me survive? Ace died instead."

"Don't talk about yourself like that, Xiaona can be saved because and because of you."

"I never gave you anything, but I killed Ace..."

"You gave it to Xiaona, even if you don't know it, Xiaona will always remember it, so we have to work hard to live with the brother's share, okay?"


He started crying loudly, as if he had released the pressure he had been carrying for several years, and Three felt that he had been washed clean from the inside out.

After a while, Three began to calm down.

"Don't worry, Cortana is by your side, so don't cry~, but it doesn't matter if you cry"

"Then do you want me to cry or not to cry"

After regaining his composure, Three realized that he was still burying his face in Nine's chest, and hurriedly got up. In order to resolve his embarrassment, he proposed to continue to exchange all kinds of information he possessed.

However, Nine has just finished explaining what should be known, so they are now starting to sort out the current situation.

"In other words, the "manager" has long known that I intend to betray them, so you betray him first."

"Yes, I have been waiting for the chance to hit him."

"It would be nice if you told me earlier"

"But Stoudemire, your acting skills are terrible"

Three looked bitter. In fact, both Emperor and Nine were aware of his plan, and he couldn't dispute it.

"The timing should be perfect, and the preparations are well prepared. I have dealt with him by the method most likely to kill him at the moment when he was most relaxed, but..."

However, he is still alive. How did he survive that pile of implementations? And the last one is..."

"Probably the guy's ability."

Before escaping, Three said something similar.

"What ability?"

"I'm afraid it's the ability to manipulate gravity...Three years ago, Ace and I were driven into desperation by that."

Three endured the pain and told the memory.

After repelling the two groups of [organization] chasers, the third wave is the Emperor. No matter whether it is attacking him by taking advantage of the gap or attacking him jointly, his body will become heavier as soon as he is in front of him, making it difficult to make smooth movements. On the contrary, his body seemed to lighten, quickly suppressing Three and Ace.

"what is your viewpoint?"

After speaking, Three asked Nine.

"I didn’t see any signs of driving, so I probably didn’t have a force guide. Unlike your weapon, I couldn’t see his movements. With the current technology, there’s still no way to reduce the gravity control device to the point where you can carry it with you. ...I am afraid that he possesses some kind of anomalous substance, or Artifact (ancient relic)...

The falling rock didn't crush him, because the weight of the rock was eliminated by him...should it be? The current intelligence is not enough to make more precise inferences. "

After the analysis came to an end, Nine continued.

"Anyway, head-on conflict with opponents who possess that ability... It's just death."

The two fell silent for a while. Three spoke heavily, breaking the silence.

"I said, if I have a case, you will kill me this time-then"

"I do not want------!!!"

Nine rarely behaves so emotionally, she yelled and interrupted Three.

"But in this way, at least you can be alone..."

"Xiao Si, if you die, Xiaona will never live alone, I will commit suicide!!"

The loving mother just now didn't know where she went, Nine is now like a kid arguing about sweets. But she was very serious.

"I don't want to sleep at night anymore... I don't want to... be alone anymore"

She speaks very softly, but the weight of emotion and determination is heavy. Perceiving his mood, Three sighed slightly, then took a deep breath. Yes, Ace used this method to make himself alive, but he knows what it's like to survive.

"I know, I promise you. No matter what happens, I will protect you and keep guarding you."

"Only this is not enough!"

"Well, I know. So I am promising you one thing, no matter what happens, I will definitely survive with you."

When Nine heard what he said, she looked at him as if she had caught a glimmer of hope.

"Did you lie to me?"

"I didn't lie to you. In order to survive with you, the most important thing to do now is—"

With so many rocks falling, even if the Emperor is alive, it is difficult for him to remain unscathed. We can't preempt the enemy now. Even if we escape, our actions can be easily controlled by the [organization]. By that time, the Emperor's body had already fully recovered, and there would never be a chance to win him. If you want to deal with him, you can only take advantage of the present.

"We took the initiative to find him and hit the Emperor!"


Three and Nine returned to the hill—no, it was the hill. The rocks were scattered everywhere, messier than when they fell. The Emperor stands in the middle of course.

They didn't guess wrong, and the Emperor was not unscathed. At least the tattered robe he originally wore was very little left, and the things that had been hidden under the robe had been exposed.

He wears a golden mask engraved with a crown embossed on his head, holds a golden staff with a spherical tip, and a golden armor covering the whole body. The word "gorgeous" alone can no longer be summarized. After the thin illusion receded, his outfit had completely reflected his arrogance and arrogance.

"You are very smart. I knew you would come back"

Three and Nine ignored Emperor's words and approached him.

"Have you decided who is dead and who is alive?"

They nodded silently, and turned to each other. Three closed his eyes and removed his hand from the sword in the sheath, indicating that he had no intention of resisting. Nine then took out the poison needle and threw it at Three-but this was just a feint. Before the needle left her hand, she turned towards the Emperor and threw it out.

However, the needle suddenly changed direction after flying a certain distance, drawing a parabola and falling to the ground.

"So, your answer is'two people die together'."


Nine threw the needle again, but this time it was thrown diagonally upward. Three started sprinting at the same time.

"The answer is'two people live together'!!!"

Three yelled, and after moving quickly towards him, he chopped down with a sword. However, the sword he swung would become very slow when approaching the Emperor, and it would be easily under the crotch of the opponent with his stick. But at this moment, the needle thrown into the air was affected by the gravity field and changed its direction, just falling towards the Emperor. When he first cast the gravity field, Nine had already mastered its range and influence, and incorporated it into the consideration of the throwing trajectory. And her attack this time used the enhanced gravitational acceleration, and the penetrating power was stronger than usual.

But with a light wave of the Emperor's left hand, he blocked the needle. Even needles with enhanced penetrating power cannot penetrate the golden armor

"You dare to resist me!"

He waved his stick down. Three immediately used his sword under the crotch, but the impact force made him fly back several times.


I barely survived this blow, and it was like being hit by a violent slam of a huge hammer. It could never be caused by the weight of Billy and the battle. This is probably one of the abilities to manipulate "gravity".

"It's time to clean up"

He had heard this sentence a few hours ago and three years ago. After hearing this sentence that was like a death sentence, Three remembered the fear at the time, and couldn’t help but stagger, but he saw Nine behind him. After finally holding on.

Three immediately regrouped and cut to the Emperor again. Of course, Nine also threw needles behind him to cover him. However, the results of the two attacks were the same as before. But when he immediately launched the third attack, Three's attack was faster and sharper than ever, gradually adapting to the high gravity environment. How to give his strength, the direction, trajectory, and angle of his sword... He became more and more proficient in handling details, and the Emperor gradually lost his original calmness when fighting with him. Although it is not as good as Nine in insight and other abilities, Three does have a talent for close combat.

At the same time, Nine's cover attack never stopped. It is true that Nine's needle cannot penetrate the armor, but she is still trying to aim at the gap in the armor under the influence of the gravity field. Occasionally, it is mixed with conductive drive, which is even more troublesome. It is not difficult for the Emperor to deal with these totals, but it can't be left alone either. However, if he had to deal with her attack, Emperor couldn't concentrate on Three. Three's offensive has become increasingly fierce.

After a few rounds, it looked like Three and Nine had the upper hand. Although the Emperor's expression was hidden under the mask, he could not feel a trace of anxiety. Three's sword occasionally hits the Emperor armor, but the effect is very limited.

The moment Three rushed forward, his body leaped higher than he expected, as if it had wings. "Crap!!!" Just as he thought so, the tip of the sword had already lost its focus, and the attacking posture was disintegrated.

"Gravity is reduced!?"

The Emperor, who jumped up at the same time, raised the stick above his head in the air and waved it down in one breath. Three was hit and hit the ground.


The air in the lungs is squeezed out and spit out along with the blood mist.

"It's not over yet! Get away!"

Hearing Nine's yelling, Three reluctantly rolled aside. At almost the same time, the gravity became stronger again, and the Emperor fell to the place where Three fell with the posture under the tip of the stick. The shock wave dispersed, forming a small hole with the rod as the center.


The shock wave alone knocked Three away, if he hadn't avoided it, he would have been smashed into meat sauce long ago. Thinking like this, he signaled to Nine that he was okay, and reluctantly stood up.

Later, the fighting took a turn for the worse. Faced with the Emperor who frequently changes its gravity, Three can only passively let go. Whenever he adapts to the current gravitational environment, the gravity changes immediately, which catches him off guard. If this continues, it is impossible to attack well. Nine is the same. In order to make his own attack hit the target, every time the gravity changes, it must be re-measured. This makes it difficult for her to make an effective attack.

But even so, they can barely hold on. Three is very good as a frontline combatant, even if he is suppressed, he still does not reveal a fatal flaw. At the same time, Nine, supported by the rear, did not waste the time he was fighting for.

"Little Si"

After Three temporarily distanced himself from the Emperor, Nine spoke to him.

"I gradually figured it out."

"Okay, please"

Watching the Emperor's attack, Three and Nine continued.

"Compared to three years ago, have you noticed any changes in him?"

"Especially the left hand. Did he hold anything with his left hand before?"

The Emperor currently has nothing in his left hand, but judging from the past battles described by Three...

"I remember... he used to be holding a ball with a golden crow statue on it. Moreover, the fighting back then was even more one-sided."

"I knew it"

Although Three also vaguely felt that something was wrong, he originally thought that he just looked down on them, so he had reservations about his moves. However, judging from Nine's reaction, it does not seem to be the case.

"Oh? Did you find out?"

The Emperor's voice revealed a bit of admiration. Then, as if I wanted to tell them the answer, I stopped the attack,

"I think the ancient relics he wore that could manipulate gravity were originally a set of four items.",

"four pairs?"

"The crown mask can mainly generate a gravity field and adjust the magnitude of gravity,
The moment the armor receives the attack, it can absorb the object’s gravity,
The scepter can transmit gravity waves to the contacting part.
Then the Crow Orb can distinguish the effect of the gravity field and the target of the influence"
In other words, the Emperor used to be fully equipped with ancient relics, so it is reasonable to wear a long slope to cover it. Otherwise, as soon as it is connected, it will be spotted by the church immediately.

"In this way, we did not slow down the enemy's acceleration in this battle. Three years ago, we were unable to resist this move."

Although he struggled to deal with his gravity field this time, the two sides were fighting under the same gravity. Compared with the last time the enemy and ourselves were subjected to different gravity, there is still a silver lining.

"I guess his orb was either lost or damaged by the falling rock just now."

In this sense, now is an excellent opportunity to hit the Emperor.

"Wonderful, haha"

The Emperor's voice was low. There is also a hint of joy mixed in.

"Unexpectedly, in such a short period of time, I can analyze my ancient relic-[Zhao Lin Wang Quan] to such an extent, you are indeed quite good, Nine of Swords (Bao Jian Nine)"

"I can't be happy to be praised by you."

The Emperor continued talking loudly, and then suddenly exuded a murderous aura like a storm.

"But no matter how good the tool is, if it can't be used by me..."

The Emperor let himself and the surrounding rocks float in the air, and then struck the floating groups of rocks with his stick in sequence.

"It's worthless!!"

Some rocks could not withstand the repost and shattered on the spot, while others remained intact and ejected. These rocks all flew straight towards Nine.

"Stupid, actually rebelled against me time and time again for this illusory'freedom'!!!"

The Emperor roared, the rock group also flew out at a rapid speed


The broken rock is like a shotgun, and the rock that is intact like a cannonball flies towards Nine. As if only his side turned into a battlefield, the enemy's artillery fire was all concentrated around here.

Three hurriedly rushed to these shells, blocking the trajectory. He bounced off the oncoming rocks, blocked them, and shattered them, even if he was acting as a shield, don't let Nine get hurt. However, due to his original location, most of the rocks had already flown past his location before he arrived.

--Too late.

Nine, who had no defenses on her body, could not dodge, and the number of flying rocks was too much. Although she ignored the smaller rocks and tried to dodge the larger ones, she was hit in the abdomen by a rock that was a whole circle larger. She vomited blood and fell down on the spot.



Three shouted in grief, and immediately rushed to where Nine was.

Forehead, mouth, hands, feet... The young girl was covered with blood all over, and the situation could only be described as horrible. No matter how loud Three shouted, she didn't respond.

It's an appointment to protect her. I swore to protect her no matter what. But she...

Hate the helpless self, Three feels his whole body is burning
At this moment, the Emperor spoke.

"Does she still breathe? If so, you will kill her, so that I will still spare your life, just like before."

Three heard a sound like a taut string breaking in his heart.

"Being killed by the same partner with her brother, she will not complain."

Even with a mask, Three can still clearly imagine that ugly face through his sarcasm and pleasant voice.


The anger at my heart that there is nowhere to vent is like finding half of the catharsis, and it burst out in one breath
The feet moved, the arms moved, the throat vibrated, the bones creaked, and the blood boiled.

The anger drove Three's body, causing him to rush towards the Emperor. His hacking speed, which was not slow, became faster and more powerful, like a rainstorm, trying to swallow the people in front of him.

The Emperor began to challenge. Although gravity is constantly changing, Three has slowly begun to get used to this change. Because Three has given half of his body to instinct, his feelings have become very keen, allowing him to quickly adapt to changes.

The Emperor gradually couldn't resist Three's attack, and was chopped by him several times, but he still maintained his usual calmness.

"You have become a beast. Although you don't need will, these tools are completely irrational like this, it's ridiculous!"

In fact, the Emperor received almost no harm. Although the aggressive Three seems to have the upper hand, in fact everything is still under the control of the Emperor.

Three suddenly remembered what Nine had said, and being able to recall past events meant that he was still "calm" now. Unlike three years ago, although he is now also driven by anger, at the same time, he still has the ability to remain calm and look at the other side of all this with cold eyes. He can suppress his anger at any time, but he feels that if this continues, things may turn for the better, so he deliberately indulges himself. Three himself has not discovered that controlling his feelings and turning "feelings" into power is something that martial arts masters rarely do.

"The moment the armor receives the attack, it can absorb the object's gravity."

Nine said that no matter how you cut it, it's really hard to cause damage.

If you use slashing and hitting to no avail, just let him explode from inside! !

Changing to someone else might surrender to the current situation, but this is just to Three's advantage.

Three combined the swords in both hands into one, raised the big sword, set his posture again, and then-cut it down!

As long as his two swords were cut through the same place separately, and the combined sword was cut once, according to the characteristics of this sword, that part could explode from inside. Under his fierce attack, the Emperor was already He was hit by two swords several times in his body. The last remaining step is to chop again with this great sword.

Three maintained his momentum and slashed towards the Emperor. However, he could not make a smooth hit. The places he hit were all 1-2 miles away.
In the "preparation" attack step launched by Three, the first and second attacks only need to have an intersection. However, for the third time, this interlaced "point" must be hit in total. Of course the difficulty will be greatly increased. Even so, Three still has the confidence to make a total hit and enough skill. But it couldn't hit.

The Emperor looked at it with a smile as if watching a comedy.

"How come users don't understand the performance of the tool, your attack methods and weapon characteristics, I know everything well"

Just like confirming his words, Three's attack was slashed again. Then the Emperor suddenly counterattacked, and the rod in his hand struck Three at an appropriate angle.

He knows why. Immediately before the attack hits, the gravity changes. Because the timing is too clever, it is too late to correct the attack action.

As long as it is not touched by the rod, its gravity wave attack will not be triggered, but once it is touched, it can cause a lot of damage. Although Three used his sword to block or spread his attacks one by one, but all of this was in the arms of Emperor. As long as you can touch the opponent, the damage will continue to accumulate even if it cannot cause a fatal blow.

Three has been unable to effectively inflict damage on the opponent. In contrast, the Emperor has always allowed the opponent to accumulate damage. The outcome is obvious, and there is no way to reverse it. In such a back-and-forth offensive and defensive battle, Three has already suffered extensive injuries all over his body, and may fall down at any time.

At this moment, the voice that was always full of sleep sounded.


Nine, who had fallen to the ground, staggered to his feet.

"How can it be……?"

The Emperor's voice can't hide his surprise

"Nine! Are you okay!?"

Three originally thought she might pretend to be unconscious just to analyze the enemy secretly. But he could not be sure. Nine deliberately didn't tell Three, nor did he give him any secret codes. Because if you don't do this, you may be seen through by the Emperor.

"It's just a scratch, don't worry about me, I blocked the front with a wire, the impact of the big rock has been reduced a lot"

Although her injuries are difficult to sum up in two words, she seems to have lost her life for the time being.

Three temporarily distanced himself from the Emperor, and this time, while carefully paying attention to the positional relationship between the three, he approached Nine.

"That guy's gravity control has a weakness, it just can't be activated instantly."

"You mean?"

"He doesn't need to drive like a force guide, but from the point of time when the gravity is manipulated, there will be a few seconds of neutral before the actual effect. This is the reason why he can't defend against the rocks."

"But in the battle just now, gravity often changes at perfect timing. If it's not an instant change, how does he do it?"

"He saw through. That guy saw through all your movements, Stoudemire."


"He saw through all your movements, everything was predicted and manipulated in advance by him."

"How can this kind of thing be done!?"

"The reason why he is a monster is not because of the ancient relics on him, but because he has such terrible instincts in battle."

At this time, the Emperor let out a deep laugh.

"Even if you know it, you can't change the result. I already know your fighting style, speed, strength, cutting direction, and habit... The fighting style that you have been accustomed to for many years can't be changed for a while."


"Well, I know. End it all."

They looked at each other, nodded, and continued. The two confronted the Emperor again.

Three took the first step at the highest speed. Swinging the sword diagonally, then sprinting and slashing, the Emperor dodged as it should and launched a counterattack. The first few rounds were just mixed with this feint and warm-up exercise. They knew each other well and were ready to give each other a full blow...

It's now! The Emperor saw the timing and began to manipulate gravity. As he expected, Three stabbed the sword halfway ahead of time to aim at the "marked" place. Gravity changed, and the trajectory of the sword shifted... But, as if it had been predicted beforehand, the shifted slashing action hit the correct position instead, the Emperor barely retreated, and dodged at a critical moment.

Three's actions are different from before. This idea just came into being, and the next attack immediately greeted the Emperor. This time the timing and trajectory are included in the calculation, and then the gravity is manipulated. but--

bump--! !

A deep explosion sounded, and the Emperor's left arm and part of his armor were damaged.

"How can it be!!!?"

Can't allow him to rest for a while, then hit the next blow.

bump--! !

This time the right foot was injured.

Why on earth, did he predict the gravity operation that I did? Do you want to correct your actions again? He overrides my prediction! ? Three can’t do this kind of thing——

At this time, the Emperor finally noticed that there were a few transparent threads wrapped around Three's body. Naturally, who was on the other end of the thread didn't need to say much-it was Nine.

Nine is not manipulating Three like a doll, but manipulating Three in the right direction at the right time and at the right angle. After predicting all the Emperor's thoughts, the Three's attack action was modified to make it hit. The reason why she can do this, besides her excellent mind, is also because she knows her partner Three better than anyone else. She knows best what kind of movement and fighting style Three will use under what circumstances. He naturally knew how the other party would deal with Three's movements. In this case, just reverse the operation again.

"soy Mujer--!!"

The Emperor showed his anger for the first time. He tried to hit the rock to attack Nine as before, but found that there was nothing in his standing position that could be attacked by gravity control. He didn't know who this was Three and Nine's idea, but there must be someone deliberately guiding him to a place where there is nothing to use.

The anger grew even higher, and the Emperor planned to kill him to death with his own hands... He reduced the gravity and rushed towards Nine at high speed.

"I have been waiting for you for a long time"

In the direction of the Emperor's advancement, a huge rock-probably driven by a force guide-appeared suddenly.

"Small bugs!

Don't think that the same trick can produce effects again, and this attack is not even a surprise attack. "

The rock entered the range of gravity reduction, and the Emperor easily destroyed it with a stick.

——This action determined his fate.

The bear doll hidden in the rock just now appeared in front of the Emperor.


The Emperor knew that this was no ordinary doll. But it was too late.


The doll exploded in front of his eyes, and in the face of the coming heat wave and bright light, he stopped, and in the next moment——

bump--! !

The armor on his back was cut by Three and exploded.


The armor shattered, and Three's sword pierced the place where the armor shattered, piercing the Emperor's chest.


The "manager", the Emperor who fell on the ground, looked at the sky and laughed a few times.

"what's so funny?"

"I didn't expect that I would lose to you..."

"I'll admit it... You are indeed very strong, and you are the most outstanding of the "murder weapons" I have cultivated."

"Shut up! We are no longer "tools"."

Three swung his sword to give him the final blow.

It's this moment again.

In the end, he still couldn't bear this kind of behavior, which was hateful.

But only this time has a different meaning.

Even so, the hands were still shaking.


Nine approached him.

"Corona is with you, too."

Her eyes were extremely firm.


The two of them should draw an end to this past by themselves.

Nine's hand moved closer to Three's hand holding the hilt, which slightly slowed his tremor.

The two raised the sword high together, and at this time, the Emperor spoke again.

"Your roads are stained with blood... Kill each other, dominate each other... In the end, you will still follow in my footsteps...

Hahahahaha! "

"No, we are no longer'tools', and we don't plan to use other people as'tools', and...

You will be the last person we kill"



At the border of the Kalvard Republic, a carriage slowly passed by. In addition to trains, the current traffic on the road mainly relies on guided vehicles, so although it is relatively rare at present, it is also unique when it comes to it.

The driver was a childish boy, and in the carriage lay a young girl about the same age.

"By the way, where is that "administrator"?"

Recalling the pretty face under the mask, the boy whispered.

"I have heard some of his rumors~"

The girl replied in a sleepy voice, as if she couldn't lift her energy at all.

"What kind of rumors?"


The girl’s answer can be summarized into the following story.

There is an overbearing king in a small country. As a tyrant, he promulgated harsh policies and was deeply jealous of the people.

One day, the king died and the prince inherited the throne.

The prince-no, the new king has a kind heart and intends to govern the country enlightened in order to avoid repeating the mistakes of his father.

However, because of the lack of fear, no one wants to listen to what he said.

And before the tyrant was alive, no one had complained. After his death, everyone began to complain and launched a revolution.

The revolutionary army captured the palace, held accountability to the new king, and changed the country to a republic.

Then the kind new king barely saved his life, but was banished and lost everything.

The story ends.

"So that prince is the custodian?"

"I don't know, I don't even know if that country really exists or not."

As the carriage shook, the girl rolled in the carriage.

"I was too naive to lose my country, and after being stimulated, I turned to have a strong desire to dominate... Is it possible?
Hmm-forget it..."

Although the boy did not sympathize with him at all, he still felt that his experience was miserable.

"I said..."

"What's wrong~?"

Contrary to the tone of the girl Wen Tun, the boy sounded very serious.

"What I did to your brother... will you forgive me?"


With an unexpected expression on the young man's face, he fell into silence with a hint of surprise.

"I will never forgive you for the rest of my life. Because he is my only family member and an irreplaceable brother. So..."

After she interrupted for a while, she flushed and continued loudly.

"So you have to take care of Xiaona! Stay with Xiaona for the rest of your life!!"

"Okay, I will take the responsibility, I will take care of you for the rest of my life."

The girl almost jumped up happily in an instant, but—

"From now on I will replace him as your brother and raise you well."

Upon hearing the unexpected answer, the girl couldn't help being a little angry.

"That's wrong!!!"

"What's wrong? By the way, this carriage is already very old. Don't move that much."

The girl did not answer the boy. Although she couldn't accept his answer, she thought about it and let it go, so she lay down on the carriage.
Then changed the subject.

"What shall we do in the future..."

For the time being, they are going to Liber according to their original plan, but they have not considered the matter before then.

In the future, perhaps the [Organization] will continue to send chasing troops to intercept them, but he feels that as long as they are together, there will always be a way to overcome the difficulties. So what should be considered now is not [organization], but their future.

"Anyway... I have to find a job."

"What kind of job?"

"Our ability comes in handy. How about going to the theater to see it?"

"What? ~ No way~ Your acting skills are terrible~"

"It's not that bad, if it's just a general drama..."

The boy was a little discouraged, but he seemed to have a good idea soon.

"Then be a guerrilla?"

"What? No way~ I heard that they are very busy, and they may die from overwork."

Besides, the Guerrilla Association may not accept people like us with an innocent background. But I think this idea is pretty good.

"Then what job do you want to do?"

"Corona~ I just want to lie down and sleep every day~"

"You girl is really..."

He couldn't help sighing

"Ah, by the way, I don't seem to have asked you yet"

The teenager suddenly remembered something.

"Ask what~?"

"Name. I found out that I still don't know your real name."

"Xiao Na's name is Nadia."

"My name is Sven"


"I said this is too perfect."

However, the girl had known the boy's name in the letter years ago. That's why she insisted on calling him that all the time. This is not the name of "tool", but a nickname for his real name. She didn't plan to tell the boy about it.

"Anyway, Stoudemire is Stoudemire, and Stoudemire is Xiaona~"

"makes sense."

This is the conclusion

The rickety carriage moved away slowly, and in the carriage, they continued to gossiping about their daily routines.

The boy's name is Sven, Stoudemire.
The girl's name is Nadia, Cortana.
They just embarked on their first journey after becoming "human" again.